Get the Support You Need by Starting Petitions

Get the Support You Need by Starting Petitions

A petition is a formal written request, typically one signed by many people, appealing to authority with respect to a particular cause.

The main objective of starting a petition is to bring about change of some kind so that it will benefit a group of people in our society, an animal species or the environment. Everyone has the right to start petitions when they strongly feel that a particular social issue needs to be addressed.

You may think that some government legislation is unfair and needs to be changed. Your voice alone may not bring about results but the voices of many who feel the same as you will get results. You don’t need to arrange a demonstration of a large group of people to get this point across. You can do it quite effectively with petitions.

Research is also essential before you start a petition. You must have your position statement outlined very clearly and include research that supports your claim. This opening statement should include all the relevant information needed by both those you ask to sign and for those to whom you are submitting the petitions.

Halabol is an online platform where anyone can start a petition to bring changes to any particular social issue. Here many different people have started petitions about different social problems.

Recently, Gargi, a Halabol team member has started a petition on to stop killing of snakes. Snake killing is a crime, but this crime is committed several times in a day. People spot a snake, grab a stick and kill it. Most of the snake massacre is because some people hate snakes.

Snakes don’t feed on humans. So, the only reason it entered a human territory is that it is lost. Snakes have no interests in humans. They mind their own business. Non-venomous snakes don’t attack humans and venomous snake won’t attack unless it senses a threat to its life. If you have enough guts to kill a snake, you should have guts to leave it in the wild. On finding a snake in residential area, a sensible mind would call animal control.

A large number of people have supported this issue by signing the petition on Like Gargi, anyone can start a petition on to raise their voice against various social issues and bring changes to our society.

Halabol is the space which aims at bringing like minded people together and making an impact collectively. Thus, help in supporting and solving various problems which we rather neglect otherwise. Halabol allows you to not make any more excuses. Team Halabol has written several articles on issues related to petitions, environment, minorities, education, lifestyle, youth affairs, social work India and social welfare to create awarness among people.