Top Reasons Why You Don’t Exercise

Top Reasons Why You Don’t Exercise

So, what’s your excuse for not exercising? Though it is not a crime to avoid exercise, it is indeed a travesty to come up with new and innovative excuses to shirk exercise. And you are not alone, if you have a reason not to exercise. Many people, all over the world, have their own logic behind leading an inactive life and being quite happy with it. Read on to find out why there cannot be a valid reason to stay away from exercise.

If you find your excuse for not exercising among this selection, you might well stop making it again!

1. You hate to exercise. And how can you do something you don’t enjoy? Well, let’s get this straight. Do you stop working if you hate your boss? Sometimes, if not always, it’s the end that is important and not the means. And exercise can be enjoyable, if you give it a go.

2. You tried but quit. Whom are you kidding? There are a thousand and one things we all fail to do at one go, but pick up the pieces and try again. You know why you quit, but you should also know that there are ways to make sure that it never happens again. If you made mistakes in your previous attempt, own up and make amends. Hire a personal trainer, who can keep you motivated enough not to quit this time around.

3. It’s too costly. While you may spend thousands of dollars on gadgets, jewelry or vacations, when it comes to a gym membership the rates seem exorbitant! Well, if you really want to penny pinch, why don’t you work out at home? Try no-equipment exercise, run, jog, walk and use the internet to get useful tips and advice on how to exercise. You can also buy training stations, which can help you do numerous exercises with one piece of equipment.

4. You don’t know how to workout. Ignorance is not bliss. So, stop making this lame excuse because there are many ways in which you can gather knowledge about fitness and exercise, but only if you want to. Personal trainers, fitness trainers, instructional videos, e-books, websites and journals are all there to help you out. How about putting them to good use?

5. Exercise takes a lot of time to produce results. But then, do your investments not take time to reap dividends? Your body is not play-dough which can be shaped up in an instant. It generally upto three months before you can get visible change in your body as a result of exercise. But once they start coming, three months seem very little time!

6. You don’t have the time. Most people seem to think that they are busier than they actually are. Well, you should know that presidents, CEO’s and working moms find time to exercise. Are you busier than all of them? Time is difficult to find only when you are disinclined to do so. 30 minutes or two sessions of 15 minutes each during the day are all that you need.

By avoiding exercise you are not helping yourself at all. So, go ahead and find a reason to exercise, for a change!

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