Understanding The Popularity Of Games Like Satta Matka

Understanding The Popularity Of Games Like Satta Matka

Gambling is a very prominent part of our society. Some may hate its existence while other may have accepted as a necessary evil, but at the end of the day, there is no way of removing it from the society and hence, its acceptance is the best way forward. Something as deep rooted as matka or satta matka, as it is most commonly referred to in India, has to have something special about it in order to have become so popular. Let us try to analyze this popularity of this game.

Wider Broadcast

There was a time when local newspapers would run a small section in them where the numbers of the winning lottery tickets were announced. This was all the attention that the game of sattamatka received from the media. Other than this, the only times the names of matka games were displayed on national televisions or newspapers was when something unfortunate like a crime of domestic violence or theft, etc. would occur due to these lottery games. Because of this restricted exposure, the number of participants in these games was also restricted to a certain extent. However, today with exclusive programs being made for the announcement of winning lottery numbers and the same getting broadcasted on national television and the internet, the number of people participating in these satta matka games has increased considerably.

Lottery And The Internet

The internet has played a major role in increasing the popularity of lottery games. It is thanks to the internet only, that today people from all walks of life and belonging to different sexes and communities have been able to become a part of the gambling family. Earlier, it was not easy for females to participate in gambling as the places where these games were played had many shady elements loitering around making it very unsafe for women to go to these places. But, with the advent of the internet, women can now play the lottery or any other gambling game from within the safe confines of their homes. Similarly, earlier people could participate only in the local or at the max in the national lotteries. But the internet has made it possible to participate in any international lottery one wants to.

Bigger Audience, Bigger Prizes: The Vicious Circle

Everyone is aware of the fact that the amount of the prize or the ultimate jackpot of any lottery is decided on the basis of the projected ticket sales of that particular lottery. Therefore, if kalyan matka is able to sell a larger number of tickets, its jackpot amount will be higher than satta king or any other competing lottery. On the other side, the sales of the tickets are dependent on the jackpot prize money. Higher the amount of the prize money, greater will be the interest level of people in that lottery. This is like a vicious circle which somehow manages to work itself out for all lotteries.

No matter how much analysis one does, the true reason for the popularity of this game remains the fact that it provides an opportunity of making big money with minimum investment and effort.

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