Workplace Bullying in the United States

Workplace Bullying in the United States

I’ve spent years in the hood and on the streets, but the most gang related and dangerous place that I’ve ever been is the American workplace. This jobs are full of cliques and violent groups, especially in Texas. It’s no wonder that one of the top TV shows in this country is survivor. I’ve witnessed countless acts of unfair practices and misuse of power during my ten years in banking and customer service. The top two offenders are managers and “quality assurance”.

Let’s start with the managers. Take the most coniving backstabbing person on the team, who spends all of his or her time starting mini wars between people and you’ve found the person that generally gets promoted to manager. These people are usually psychotic. They began forming their posse, the first day of training class. They work like Hitler to find the strongest group and turn them against the person who will give the most opposition to their uprising. Most of the time, the easiest majority to find will be caucasions. Don’t jump to conclusions though, that is just the most common example that I’ve experienced. I’ve also seen them collect african americans or women against the men. The race or gender is not important, and dwelling on that, can cause this dispicable act of hate promotion to be overlooked.

Once the hate group is formed, this group will work hard to get people in quality assurance. This is basically their firing squad. They will manipulate scores and cause those who oppose them to fail constantly until eventually they give up or are fired. Meanwhile on the same token, this quality team will give the manipulator the best scores and allow him to be promoted. Usually in exchange for a position on his or her team, money and/or drugs.

I’ve seen these guerrilla tactics used in every job that I’ve worked and these people never get punished. They make what they call “jokes” which are cleverly disguised forms of pyschological abuse and a way to excercise dominance over the conquered teammates. One example would be were the team will decide to make “light” jokes about ethnic groups that are different from themselves out of fun. They will jokingly ask if it offends anyone in the room of course and laugh to continue to show dominance. The things that are said would never be said around a majority of the people that they are referring to. The abuse even extends to cultural exclusion, where music and dress of other cultures is considered to be “unprofessional” and even banned in some places.

I believe this type of abuse and bullying is the sole purpose for the rise in unemployment rates for African American men in this country. It is also the cause of the crime rate increases. People that are bullied in this way eventually give up working and become the same people that are on drugs and committing crimes. I’m sure this article will just be another one that floats around the net, but I still fell that I should try to shed some light on workplace bullying. I have also witnessed African Americans using these tactics to bully other races, so I am not on either side of these worthless parasites. I hope that this message is clear and workplace harrassment of this type is put to an end.