All You Would Like To Be Aware Of Luxury Train Travel

    All You Would Like To Be Aware Of Luxury Train Travel

    The decision to go on a luxury train trip may well be the best one you will make. Luxury train travel allows you to see and appreciate the countryside. You will also be taken to areas that are often quite cumbersome to reach by car.

    If you have ever yearned to feel the heartbeat of Africa, you have an opportunity to do so with some of the most exquisite trains available. There are journeys that will take you from one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa, Cape Town. From there you can journey north to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

    Visit the game reserves which are in Mpumalanga where you will see as much game as you can handle. Travel through the green rolling hills of Kwazulu-Natal to the wonderful beaches of Durban. Experience the Karoo in its starkness and heat. The Garden Route trip which travels along the stunning southern Cape coast will take your breath away. You can travel from South Africa north to Zimbabwe and visit the Victoria Falls. Namibia, home to the Namib Desert will be a trip that you might want to undertake again and again.

    The trains are hauled by diesel, steam or electric locomotives. They consist of 36 beautiful suites and carry a maximum of 72 passengers. There are different journeys to choose from and these include traveling from Pretoria to Cape Town on a 48-hour trip to doing the Cape to Cairo trip.

    Another trip you could undertake would be the 1600 kilometer journey to the Victoria Falls. You will travel through Botswana and through a game reserve where you can spot and photograph the animals from the luxury of the train. There are a couple of stops on the way to your final destination, the spectacular Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River.

    A 7-day 3400 kilometer trip to Namibia will be worth every minute. The trip starts in Pretoria and goes through Kimberley where you can pay a visit to the Big Hole. This hole is one of the biggest man-made diggings for diamond mining. You will then travel through the stark Northern Cape area and onwards to the Namibian border. A visit to the Fish River Canyon which is only just smaller than the Grand Canyon, will be available.

    Luxury train travel allows you to see the sights you would like to, but do it in comfort and luxury. So, whether it is South Africa you want to see or other parts of Africa, there are luxury trains that can take you there.

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