Benjamin Banneker The Man Who Designed Washington DC

  • Garfield Huggins

    Keep them coming!

  • Latrisha Asante


  • John Pollard

    this is getting better in better !!.. this was not in my book at school the book of lies, ‘The American History Book”

  • Mark Macdonald

    The original freemason architect went back to France so they used this brother who had a photographic memory to recall the original plans and build them although he is very rarely mentioned…Full props to Benjamin an Stevie Wonder.

  • Abdikhabiir Carabey M Gurey

    He made the first copyright of watch in America but we know the first person that made the watch

  • June SoulBird

    The London Big Ben is also named after him! that’s a secret though!

  • Qadir Muhammad

    How do I get to the article?

  • Zizman Mdalah

    Well…we say salute to you sir

  • Molakin Upshaw

    He designed it and blacks build it!

  • Denise Addison

    Gives Ben Franklin a run for his money.

  • Joseph Nkrumah

    yet we know very little about him,very sad

  • Joe Bizumo

    pure lies to satisfy lower egoes,what a pity for a N! No knowledge,no gnosis!

  • Caxton Fatanmi

    Yet, not many Africans in Africa, as well as, African-Americans knew about this genius of a man from whom our history ought to have derived some strengths.

  • Lindquist Akkido

    What’s up with that video with a white woman treating African American kid like a dog

  • Osekhijimete Ikhilor

    African leaders and the union are useless since protection of African anywhere is not part of their business