The Black Cigar, Like A Glass Of Fine Wine

    The Black Cigar, Like A Glass Of Fine Wine

    Listening to a cigar aficionado is like walking into the middle of a wine tasting event. You will hear terms like full bodied, fruity, and woodsy and the all important aspects of origin and aging. Cigars are very much like fine rare wines, grown, aged, and blended to perfection.

    An excellent example of this prestigious pampering is seen in the quality of a number of black cigar lines, one of the most popular cigars on the market today. When asked to name their favorite cigars many have placed the CAO Black Cigar at the top of their list. The CAO Black Cigar is a classic in exciting spicy and woodsy flavors with just a hint of vanilla, it is considered the best black cigar, bar none. The CAO Black cigar was the first to carry the honored CAO name. Individually dressed in cedar sleeves and packed in hand painted and numbered boxes the CAO black is considered a rare find for the discriminating cigar Connoisseur.

    The CAO Black Cigar is part of a line marketed by C.A.O. of Nashville Tennessee, a privately owned family business. Cigar Buyer Magazine awarded CAO Black with a perfect score of 10 out of 10, beating out a slew of its top competitors.

    Partagas Black Label

    Another fine black cigar is Partagas Black Label, self proclaimed as the richest cigar in the world was developed to meet the demands for darker full bodied cigars. This rich black cigar brand, named after its founder Jaime Partagas was ten years in the making. Like so many fine cigars it has its beginnings deeply rooted in Cuban history and was the leading Cuban cigar before the ousting on the Cuban government in 1959. Said to have notes of coffee and cocoa, it is the proud product of Partagas, located in the Dominican Republic.

    Cohiba Black

    A late comer on the scene of black cigars is the Cohiba Black. Cohiba is one of the most recognized names in the business and had its beginnings in Cuba shortly after Castro came to power. It is even rumored the brand was originally made for Castro, as it was his favorite blend.
    The Cohiba Black Cigar is a definite newcomer, being introduced in 2006. Owned by General Cigar the Cohiba Black is a special blend by company President and master blender Daniel Nunez.

    A Growing Favorite

    It would be hard to leave out Aristoff Black, a hand-crafted black cigar manufactured by Aristoff International in Nicaragua. The leaves are aged for two to three years and finished cigar for a minimum of three months. Each black cigar is wrapped in cedar and individually packed in a glass tube. Aristoff offers this special black cigar with personalized monogrammed band for that extra touch of class.

    The list continues on in a growing renaissance of the cigar aficionado. Just like fine wines, there is a cigar for every taste and pocket book and black cigar brands are some of the hottest blends on the market today.

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