Cape Town to the Fore in South Africa World Cup

    Cape Town to the Fore in South Africa World Cup

    Football World Cup 2010 South Africa could replace the ways people treated each other in this country. They were fortunate enough to win the bidding to host this event something this country has never been able to do before. The number of countries that are participating in this tournament will match the number that participated in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

    As part of the FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) specifications they had to upgrade five of their stadiums to accommodate the number of spectators expected to attend. They built five additional brand new stadiums for this occasion. They have also improved and expanded their public transportation systems.

    Security and safety are a major concern for the countries planning on attending the tournament. The South African government has spent $ 90 million on new security equipment. They have purchased specialized equipment, special body armor, command vehicles, high tech bomb disabling equipment and security cameras. An additional 55,000 police officers have been hired to keep the stadiums safe and the crowds under control.

    Danny Jordaan, president of the organizing committee believes the South Africans will step up to the plate and be kind hosts. His hope is that they will depict the country as honorable and self respectful. Hopeful that they will display their country as one that is accomplished enough to host these type of sporting events in the future. This will be a great nation-building enterprise ever tried since apartheid has died.

    Right now Spain has the best team in this sport. Every position on the team is being played by a world class athlete. The champions of the 2008 European Championship are the team going to South Africa. As displayed in each and every game they have a teamwork that far surpasses any other.

    This does not suggest that they will win the cup. There are many teams qualified to fulfill that dream. Take for instance, Argentina with their star player Lionel Messi. His abilities to play this game are unsurpassed. He does it so effortlessly he is in a class by himself. Along with his talent and his coach, Diego Maradona this country has a great chance of taking home the cup. Diego was one of the greatest players ever. In the world of soccer he is a legend.

    Soccer has not been one of the USA’s strongest sports. However, their current team almost won the Confederations Cup had Brazil not played such an outstanding game. To help us gain recognition in this sport Americans need to start showing support for our team at this event.

    Football World Cup 2010 South Africa could be a turning point for this country. For all the countries sake let us hope that South Africans will unite for this event and make it an unforgettable tournament for everyone. It would be nice if they can be hosts again for other major sporting events.

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