Cheap Flights to South Africa

    Cheap Flights to South Africa

    There is no doubt that South Africa has experienced a great suffering and turmoil in the past. Despite that, however, the country is striving to re-invent itself. Actually, tourist numbers have increased ten percent every year over the past decade, and continue to rise.

    Flights coming into South Africa generally depart in the evening, so they can arrive early in the morning. Most of these flights come into the city of Johannesburg, although many visitors that take cheap flights to South Africa generally head for Cape Town. As South Africa’s oldest city, Cape Town offers tourists top-notch restaurants and a hopping nightlife, making it a favorite stop.

    Not many airlines offer service to Africa, consequently, flights tend to book up very quickly. Despite this, however, you can still manage to find a cheap flight to South Africa if you bear a few things in mind. Certainly, booking early is at the top of this list. In fact, you will want to book that flight to South Africa at least two months ahead of time to ensure good prices.

    Think about flying via Europe, if you want to cut back on airfare to South Africa. If you live in Europe, you are all set. If you are planning a flight from the US, however, have your travel agent look into booking a flight to Europe first, and then take another flight into South Africa. If your itinerary is flexible, and you can arrange that flight to Europe for November to mid-December, or January to March, you will hit the off-season, and save yourself some money.

    There’s a number of budget airline companies that operate regionally in South Africa, so if you want to save money, regional hubs are the way to go. ACSA, or Airports Company South Africa, run all ten domestic and International airports, and there are six different airlines offering domestic flights. On top of that, you can find numerous charter services as well. Keep in mind, every one of these airlines will offer you something unique in terms of pricing and routes, so it is a good idea to make advance plans.

    You might also want to check into regional hubs as a way to save on a flight to South Africa. Several budge airline companies operate regionally in South Africa. There are also ten different domestic and International airports. All of these airports are run by ACSA, or Airports Company South Africa. As for domestic flights, six different airlines offer those within South Africa, and there are a number of charter services, as well. Keep in mind that each airline offers a little something different, with varying price packages and schedules, so preplanning will help you find the best options for the least amount of money, based on your travel plans.

    The options for flying to South Africa cheaply are limited, but if you plan ahead, you can certainly fly cost effectively.

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