Dear Africa: Watch Out! You Can’t Trust America!

  • Phonix AfricanChild

    One of our wide range problem we don’t learn from the past. distrust america you will be free.

  • Tshego Masemola

    That’s why south Africa has brics.

  • Lina Aya

    This goes to Russia, China, Arabs…we need to see every damn of them with side eyes. We need to get our technology, machinery , and process and build our own goods.

  • Yaye Fall

    They just want to recolonize the Motherland but that will never happen. Inshallah

  • Juerita Pritchett

    more for your benefit than ours, isn’t it

  • Davida Holston Williams

    Please take heed. America is no good for Africa.

  • Charles Seay

    Wondering how much of this agenda the POTUS is pushing during this “summit”?

  • Zylvia Taylor

    Then we better do something about this NOW

  • Daniel Williams Jr.

    What I’ve been thinking all along!

  • Litha Nongogo

    Africa should not be doing business with America in the first place. The American government is run by satan.

  • Leane Niles

    that’s right because you shake aman’s hand doesn’t mean his heart is in it