Dewalt Power Tools – A Little Bit Of History

    Dewalt Power Tools – A Little Bit Of History

    DeWalt is one of the largest power tool Manufacturers in the UK. Easily recognizable by there bright yellow casing and bold text logo, DeWalt power tools are renowned among building professionals as being top quality, often recommended from person to person.

    In this article is it my wholehearted intension to tell you about the DeWalt company and where there come from. Some of the company’s history may surprise you.

    The inventor Raymond E. DeWalt founded the DeWalt Company back in 1924. Mr DeWalt had invented a new power tool he named the radial arm saw. The radial arm saw is a circular saw mounted on a sliding arm. The radial arm saw revolutionized woodworking and Raymond became quite a successful man.

    In 1949, the American Machine and Foundry Company bought DeWalt. However, AMF later sold the DeWalt brand to Black & Decker in 1960. During the early Black & Decker days may of Black & Decker’s high-end tools were branded with the DeWalt name as it was believed it carried more prestige. Which as we now know worked out very well. To this day Black & Decker aim at the DIY market and DeWalt the Professional market.

    Black and Decker later sold off the radial arm manufacturing facility to two company executives. The original radial arm saws designed by Raymond E. DeWalt are still available from Original Saw Co.

    DeWalt today, manufactures and sells more than 200 different power hand-tools and 800 accessories. DeWalt has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. However, they trade across the

    DeWalt took over German high-end manufacturer ELU in 1994. This helped DeWalt to enlarge their assortment of cordless tools and other tools by utilizing ELUs high-tech revolutionary technology.

    A cordless DeWalt drill is a great product if you are considering buying your next cordless drill. Cordless tools from the company are always of the best quality and you will want to think about buying more tools than just the cordless drill. Many DeWalt products like the DeWalt hammer drill, screwdriver and cordless torch are available on many online shopping sites. How cordless drill batteries have become more and more powerful, largely because of competition between other cordless drill makers, such as Makita and Panasonic. DeWalt are slightly behind the rest of the flock in this matter, as they have not released Li-ion technology yet.

    Recently there has been a recall on all 18Volt cordless equipment as there has been a problem with the switch setting on fire. However, bless DeWalt, take your new machine into a service centre and they will replace the switch or the entire machine for nothing.

    In summary, DeWalt project them selves as a high-end high quality tool manufacturer. Yet in reality, they are quite average. Originally, there cordless range was just re branded Black & Decker equipment, however DeWalt have very recently tried to lose this skeleton in the closet by starting work on there own high end gear. I wish them look as a company with a great history of creating professional high quality revolutionary tools don’t deserve to be just used as a name.

    Johan Nickson is an free lance writer for Powertool Direct and an expert in Dewalt Tools and uses Dewalt Power tools