Ethiopian DNA Link To Queen Of Sheba – Fully Debunked

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Part Two

  • Joe Bizumo

    very wrong! After all,the so called queen Sheba never existed physically but rather biblical allegory!

  • Marta Kidane

    But there is no any documented fact in the whole of Africa..But there are so many of them in Ethiopia, our culture, language, script, religion..etc speaks for it self. I would recommend you to go to Ethiopia and see for your self!!

  • Sergey Fox

    You are so kick ass for writing this! Love it! It makes so much sense and explodes more biases out of my world. Thank you!!

  • Al Bigl

    True but he meant the Germanic race, that’s how sick he was

  • Phillipina FwaKishau

    The whole of Africa from Senegal to the Nile was Ancient Ethiopia, the father of Kemet. There was no link with Israel…which did not exist then or with Syria.

  • Louisy Julien


  • Louisy Julien

    I thought it was known to the common of mortals that the bible is not historically accurate therefore not a historical reference, specially concerning the history of african people and considering who wrote the bible story.

  • Abe Gebs , Do you believe in the bible? Then just read it you will get all the answer !!!

  • Khubaka Michael Harris

    wow… Mein Kampf… lawd, lawd, lawd…