Feel the Adrenalin Rush in Wilderness of East-Central Africa

    Feel the Adrenalin Rush in Wilderness of East-Central Africa

    To many in the outside world, Africa is still the Dark Continent. Ravaged by hunger, poverty and lack of basic amenities of modern existence, Africa has weathered the scourge of internecine conflicts, resulting in mindless genocide of millions of people. But, that is not the true face of Africa. Home to fun loving, easy going, hospitable people of multi-ethnic origin, with rich indigenous cultures, Africa is also home to earliest Homosapiens. Not only that, it is the vista of the most diverse Flora and Fauna in the world, spread over thousands of Kilometers of variegated, picturesque wild landscape. Exploring this wild landscape with warm indigenous people is like wandering in Garden of Eden, which is enough to make you feel the adrenaline rush. To translate that adrenaline rush into active reality, you must visit the East-Central Africa, comprising of four countries, Viz. Rwanda, Uganda, DR Congo and Burundi, located around the four great lakes, viz. Lake Tanganyika, Lake Kivu, Lake George and Lake Edwards.

    Wondering how to get there and rub shoulders with world’s biggest primate, the Rwanda Gorillas or Uganda Mountain Gorillas, weighing over 200 Kilos in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda and Bwindi National Park in Uganda, don’t worry!!! Umubanotours, the premier tour and travel operator in all the four aforementioned countries of East-Central Africa, based in Musanze District of Rwanda, will take care of your entire African Safari. Umubanotours has in its roster several English and French speaking guides who work tirelessly to make your African tourney as streamlined and comfortable as humanly possible in cooperation with the warm hearted indigenous people of Africa. Not only that, Umubanotours has special African Tour Packages tailored to your need, at affordable rates, ranging from one day, two days or three days tour to long thirteen-fourteen days tour of the entire East-Central African region covering four countries. In addition, there is also special Honeymoon Packages for newly wedded couples in wonderful wild African outback.

    * Whether you decide to start your African Safari from Kigali, Kampala or Goma, the capitals of Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo respectively, Umubanotours will prepare your tour itinerary as per your choice, time and budget. But generally, the first choice for any tourist in this region is to embark on the most mouthwatering, heart pumping wildlife adventure of your life, face to face encounter with the Rawanda Gorillas at volcanoes national park, Rwanda or Uganda mountain Gorillas at Bwindi National Park, Uganda. Umubanotours’ guide will first give you a briefing about how to behave with the largest primate in the world. Then you will go for Rwanda Gorilla Treks or Uganda Gorilla Treks, depending upon which place you choose to visit through steep hilly terrain covered with dense forest to meet the Gorilla Families, as part of your Gorilla Tours. Usually, each mountain Gorilla Treks takes about two to six hours, as the Gorilla Families live within a radius of 40 Km, dominated by a silverback male, weighing more than 200 Kilos. Once you come face to face with one of these Gorilla Families, the dominant silverback male will dictate the type, duration and content of the meeting apart from taking care of his family. Once you spend an hour with these giant apes and captured their eating, sleeping and playing habits to cherish the memories for a lifetime, you will proceed to Akagera National Park in Rwanda or Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, as the case may be. While Akagera National Park, named after the river Akagera, the most ancient source of River Nile in the eastern part of Rwanda about 125 km from Kigali, is renowned as big game country, because there you will find herds of elephants, buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, apart from crocodiles and hippos soaking the sun at the bank of the lakes, along with scores of impala antelopes, among which you will find the biggest antelope in the world the statuesque cape eland and more than 500 species of birds, the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda is regarded as the most visited Park in the region and famous for its boat ride through Kazinga channel, which joins Lake George with Lake Edwards and replete with hordes of wildlife like the tree climbing lion, the spotted hyena, leopard, giraffe, zebra, crocodiles, hippos and more than 550 species of birds flocking the lakes, apart from volcanic craters, cones and crater lake yetwa other than three majestic waterfalls.

    * Another major attraction in Rwanda is is more than five hundred species of birds hovering over the lakes and wetlands of Akagera National Park, home to the elusive Shoebill stork, and is one of the easiest sites in the region where it can be seen. In addition, Akagera supports a mixture of acacia and papyrus species. Birding in Rwanda is never complete unless you travel to southwest Nyungwe National Park, a vast tract of rain forest, one of the largest untouched natural forest reserves remaining in Africa and home to more than 300 species of birds, 27 of which are regional endemics, which includes Albertine Rift endemics like special Red-collared Mountain Babbler, which is easily visible only here, as does Kungwe Apalis.

    * But Nyungwe National Park is not only home to diverse species of birds. It is also home to 13 species of primates which includes mankind’s closest living relative, the chimpanzee. In fact, Nyungwe National Park and neighboring Kibale National Park in Uganda is home to 25% of total Chimpanzee population found in the whole world and is part of the Chimpanzee Trekking Tour, organized by Umubanotors.

    * A walk from Nyungwe National Park will take you to the Dian Fossey Site Visit in volcanoes National Park, where the famous primatologist lived and worked with African mountain Gorillas. From there Umubanotours will take you to Golden Monkey Treking, another beautiful but endangered species of primates. From here you will visit famous Murchison Falls National Park in neighboring Uganda, home to Murchison Falls where the river falls down 44mts downhill through a six feet gorge, creating a spectacular spectacle of rainbows and kaleidoscope of colors.

    * If your adrenaline rush is still not whetted, then Umubanotours will take you to DR Congo Tour, where you will climb the only active volcano in the world, the Nyiragongo Active volcanoes, as part of Umubanotours Hike to the Active Volcanoes tour program. The Volcanoes Hike at Nyirangongo active volcanoes is strenuous as it takes about 5-8 hours in hot and humid conditions. But once you reach the crater you will be mesmerized by the lave lake therein as it the only active lava lake in the world. From there you can climb down or take rest at the rim of the crater in tents before proceeding to Virunga National Park for gorilla trekking in DR Congo. The rules here are the same as elsewhere for trekking the gentle giant apes. After spending some time with the gorilla population in DR Congo you can head back to Goma or proceed to Gusyeni, the largest port on Lake Kivu, Rwanda, where you can take a swim in the serene waters of one the great Lakes of East-Central Africa as part of Lake Kivu Tours.

    * Tours in Rwanda is never complete without exploring the indigenous culture of Rwanda. Umubanotours will take you to experience the rich culture of Rwanda by inviting you to dance with the local community for the traditional ‘intour’ dance, a privilege only bestowed upon the discernible tourist. In addition you will be taken for Rwandan Culture Tour by showcasing arts and crafts of indigenous people like pottery, basketry and other handicrafts.

    * Visitors can Travel to Rwanda through international flights operated by SN Brussels, Alliance Air and many other carriers. The international airport at Kanombe is located about 10 Kms from central Kigali, capital of Rwanda. Tourists from many countries do not need visa for stay for less than 90 days, viz. USA, UK, KENYA, UGANDA, SOUTH AFRICA AND OTHERS. The local currency is franc. Many banks have the facility to convert traveler’s Cheque, Forex into local currency. The best time to visit Rwanda is almost throughout the year as the country is cooler due high altitude compared to most African countries. For a detailed Rwandan travel guide one can visit Umubanotours website www.umubanotours.com.

    * Travel to Rwanda will prick your conscience without visiting Rwanda Genocide Museum, a grim reminder of the senseless killing of one million people in hundred days in 1994 juxtaposed with the resilience of mankind in the amazing recovery that Rwanda has made since those days of darkness at noon.

    * The main attraction in Burundi tour is the southernmost source of River Nile and Bujumbura, the capital city on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, one of the famous four lakes of east-central Africa and also the longest and warm hospitality of the indigenous people and their culture despite the ravages of war.

    * As mentioned earlier Umubanotours ropes in the indigenous communities having ancient wisdom about the African game safari, providing them livelihood and chance to communicate with the outside civilized world, thus promoting Eco-tourism in Rwanda.
    So, contact umubanotours today by visiting company website www.umubanotours.com to enjoy the ultimate African game safari which will set your adrenaline pumping through exploration of the magnificent flora and fauna in the ravishing landscape of wild east-central Africa.

    We offer you the opportunity to encounter world’s last remaining mountain Gorillas through Gorilla Trekking in DR Congo which is an ideal tourists’ paradise. Let us know and we shall organize a special tour for you.

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