Gift from the East: Silk

    Gift from the East: Silk

    Since 6000 B.C. men and women in China have been harvesting the silken cocoons of silk worms for the purpose of creating a luscious fabric meant for Imperial closets. Since then, silk has played an important role in the textile industry.

    Silk is a fascinating and versatile fabric. Created from a very luminous fiber, silk has a glorious sheen and feel that can only be duplicated in science labs. There is no other fiber in nature that feels so delectable against the skin. Silk has many wonderful properties. Silk is unique in the way that is helps the human body retain its own heat, helping you keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Silk is delicate so it doesnt irritate sensitive of damage skin. Silk looks amazing and feels just as amazing when worn.

    History of Silk
    Since ancient times, silk has played an important part in artistic history. The ancient Orient is well known for its timeworn silk screen masterpieces that depict scenes from daily life, ancient battles, epic poems, and the portraits of royalty. What is more fitting to honor the history of silk, than to create art from it? Modern day silk screening is a much easier undertaking than it was thousands of years ago. In 6000 B.C. an artist took months and even years to painstakingly weave the silken fibers into sheets of fabric. Once the silk is ready for the masters hand, the artist would take time and effort to actually make the colors he would use to paint the silk. Unlike today with its multiple synthetic inks and paints, in ancient times ink and paint had to be made from local vegetation, animal parts, and other natural resources. Once the artist had his silken canvas and paints, he set about etching a divine picture upon what was once a worms cocoon.

    Silken Art
    In this technological era, creating images on silk textiles is a much easier and quicker process. Silk is manufactured using specially made looms that treat the silken fibers delicately. When the textile company calls for the silk to have a design, the fabric is sent further along the manufacturing line to have silk compatible ink stamped upon it using pre-designed stencils.

    This process is what is used to make silk shirts, scarves, handkerchiefs and many other everyday items that you can purchase at your local retailer. Because of its softness, sheen, and rich history, silk is looked upon as one of the most exclusive fabrics in the world. Because of advancing technology in the textile industry, what was once only available to the wealthy is now made affordably for those with limited budgets. The size of your wallet shouldnt include or exclude you from getting to indulge in a gift from the east. Everyone should be able to envelope themselves in the delicious feeling of silk.

    From the fibers of a butterflys cocoon, to the loom, to the rack, silk fabric has become a staple of many mens and womens fashions and has enhanced the lives of billions since its humble beginnings in China.

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