Handy Wildlife Africa Photography Tips

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    Handy Wildlife Africa Photography Tips

    There are a million things to do when preparing for your wildlife Africa dream vacation. The last thing you’re thinking about is that your wildlife pictures may not deliver. You see yourself face to face with a cheetah, the dust of the Savannah shimmering in the African sun, mesmerized by its unblinking eyes as you snap feverishly away. What you don’t see is that you probably wont be allowed to even get out of the tour guides jeep to take that breathtaking close-up.

    However, you can still get fabulous photos from afar. Just make sure your camera has a telephoto lens no smaller then 300 mm. minimum. (The ideal would be the standard 600 mm. preferred by professional wildlife photographers.)

    Before You Leave For Your Trip

    Start stalking your prey now. With the help of that new telephoto lens, you can even do it from the comfort of your breakfast nook.

    * Carry your camera with you at all times ” starting today! You never know when you’ll run into a deer (not literally, we hope!). There are probably more species of wildlife in your neighborhood than you’ve ever realized.

    # Become an expert at locating your camera controls by touch ” you’ll barely have a millisecond to react when shooting wildlife or birds ” let alone look for a button!

    # Make a note of any camera task noises (such as zoom or auto focus) that are likely to disturb your subjects. Decide how you are going to get around that before your trip to wildlife Africa.

    * Visit your local zoo or game park to observe your desired subjects beforehand, if possible. Read about them. Practice photographing them in a controlled setting.

    The Big Day: Tricks Of The Trade

    # Buy a bean bag. They do a wonderful job of cushioning your camera when you’re trying to shoot from a bouncing jeep.

    # Include panoramic long shots with landmarks and scenery, as well as zooming in for those spectacular close-ups. A single twisted tree or the sweeping plain dwarfing a herd will create atmosphere. This is what will distinguish your photographs with the unmistakable hallmark of wildlife Africa.

    * Remember that malaria is still something to be cautious about. Use repellent, and long, tight clothing buttoned at wrists or ankles.

    Following these few practical tips may set your travel photos miles ahead from the average tourist snapshots. The more practice you get at home in snapping wildlife at a moments notice, the better your chance of getting some truly unique shots of the spectacular and varied wildlife Africa is famous for.

    And whatever you do in wildlife Africa ” don’t leave your camera at home!

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