Hannibal Barca Of Carthage History’s Greatest General

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    This isn’t about religion, this is about documented history and fact.

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    Niggers have literally never been anything more than slaves in Africa, even in Egypt.

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  • why they tried white-washing him too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88iF358Q3lI

  • Rome fell in 193 ad, over throw by its gladiators Jews [not Jewish] the descendants of Judah. That started the dark ages in Europe.

  • Rome fall due to the over run of European starving and barbaric tribes

  • Would be called Africa , that a lie , they been calling it Africa before the Punic Wars

  • “AFRICA”- Alkebuland was in existence before even Hannibal’s father was born..unless, I may have misread the above military prowess..

  • Good. We are really learning hear. I luv my Africa

  • Good to know, teach us!

  • Barca-Bey use his whole name

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  • The real reason Rome fail because of this guy frfr

  • Random House !!! The name Jesus = son of Sirach= Siracusa?=Syracuse=Ancient City Founded by the Carthaginians 734BC=founded by Phoenicians…Phoenician #4 noting or pertaining to the script used for the writing of Phoenician from the 11th century BC or earlier and from witch were derived the Greek, Roman and all other western Alphabets !!! Ecclesiasticus.?

  • Where was Kemet at 750 BC? Egypt was old and in it’s final dynasty. http://youtu.be/ZOq5tO9dBd0

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  • The so called Greek or roman guy stated that THE BLACK OR AFRICAN ARE NOT KNOWN FOR ITS STRATEGIC THINKING ONLY HANNIBAL. . I guess that’s why they always won… think about that

  • Thembinkosi Mali is absolutely correct, so much of African history on the big screen is portrayed by the white race. We have a rich history & they stole it & made it their own.

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  • My main man and great ancestor Hannibal.

  • #Alton, dnt be suprised if they potray him as a whiteman, just as w hite film directors do by potraying encient Egyptians as whites.

  • Another great can be done on the Big Screen bringing history to life