What is the History Behind Fashion Jewelry?

    What is the History Behind Fashion Jewelry?

    What is the history of fashion jewelry?
    Relatively speaking, fashion jewelry is made from two different metals in order to make the jewelry stronger. For a two toned gold look, they place two different colors of gold side by side and work that into the jewelry piece in question. This fashion jewelry can include colors such as red, yellow, white, green and sometimes blue. A case in point is the creation of the Black Hills Gold or BHG. They use yellow gold, rose gold and green to make their two toned and tri colored jewelry products. This is just an example of how it is used to make fashion jewelry.

    Do they use the same manufacturing processes?
    When creating fashion jewelry, they use the same processes, but when dealing with a two tone it does take a little more time to actually create the two tone gold jewelry. The method varies from maker to maker. The processes are also different and some are closely guarded secrets. So the process of creating this jewelry is the same as for creating another piece of fashion jewelry, except that when making it there are several more processes that are involved in that manufacturing process. Each one is different and unique to the particular producer. The manufacturer of note is Stampers Black Hills Gold.

    Are there any other manufacturers besides Stampers Black Hills Gold?
    Black Hills Gold is the only one that much is publically know about when discussing fashion jewelry. They are the most well known about, yet there are other jewelry companies that also manufacturers the two tone process. Those companies are as yet unknown, but in time, they will be known. The process of creating fashion jewelry hasn’t changed all that much when speaking about fashion jewelry. So the answer is yes, there are other jewelry manufacturers besides Stampers, they are just not known as well as the Stampers Black Hills Gold. Most jewelry manufacturers do have a process a fashion jewelry piece. They are not public about it as the Stampers people are.

    So this covers all jewelry that is manufactured right?
    Yes, this covers all jewelry that is manufactured as fashion jewelry. The making of this jewelry can be labor intensive, but the end result is a beautiful piece of fashion jewelry that is fit for a king or queen. These beautiful pieces are beloved for their color and their durability. They keep their shine and last for a long time, unlike other jewelry that may be made of softer materials and also are subject to a lot of breakage. These wonderful pieces stand the test of time and keep their good looks no matter what the wear and tear is on these beautiful pieces of jewelry. So they are not only durable but also long lasting as well. These pieces will last a lifetime of usage.

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