The History of Monogrammed Outdoor Decor

    The History of Monogrammed Outdoor Decor

    While many stylish homeowners have embraced monogrammed outdoor décor, it’s been around for centuries. Monograms contain a person or family’s initials and generally, a symbol. Think of it like a company logo for your family.

    The history of monogrammed outdoor décor can be traced back to royalty when monograms were displayed to declare its reign over the land. Back then, monograms consisted of the reigning king’s initials and interwoven with a royal symbol, such as a crown or sword. In fact, England’s Henry VII touted his initials with the symbol of the royal coat of arms. Queen Victoria also embraced the monogram, using simply her initials with no supplement symbol or design.

    Like Queen Victoria’s tastes in monograms, most modern outdoor décor keeps it simple with a simple backdrop. On the other hand, some are designed with holiday themes. Here are some brand new monogrammed outdoor décor items that serve as throwbacks to historic royal designs.

    Give your home a royal salute with monogrammed décor flags
    Many people have seen pineapple flags, from their neighbor’s driveway to any major museum. What some do not know is the significance of the pineapple flag, a classic looking flag that instead, curves at the bottom.

    A pineapple flag signifies that you welcome any guest that comes up your driveway or to the front door. They look refined and send a good message to all of your neighbors and visitors. Now, if you want a monogrammed pineapple flag that is simple, yet very stately, we suggest going with a black and white flag, officially called The Pineapple Monogram Flag. This monogrammed piece of outdoor décor adds a personal touch to an upscale design. You can choose large flags to hang, at 28 inches in length and 44 inches in height, or for something understated, try the Pineapple Garden Flag with a Monogram, which measures 12.5 inches in length and 18 inches in height.

    On the other hand, while you will fall in love with pineapple flags, perhaps you want a more modern, down to earth look. If you prefer color and spunk, we have just the item for you–a new twist to an old traditional piece of décor: The Gablecrest Flag with Monogram. This piece of outdoor décor adds a lime green backdrop to offset the bold, black family initials. Also, this pineapple flag features a whimsical, floral border to add a touch of fun.

    A small, simple and understated touch to your outdoor décor
    There is no more logical place to monogram, when it comes to outdoor décor, than right on your mailbox. Mailbox covers with monogram is the perfect, understated addition to your outdoor décor. With a full magnetic back, it’s easy to attach, thereby an easy way to announce your monogram. Classic colors available are black with white lettering and crème with black lettering.

    Most people are familiar with the most popular form of monogrammed outdoor décor, one that gets guests right at the door: the monogrammed doormat. If you want to keep it simple, we suggest the Traditional Coir Doormat Insert with a Monogram, a sturdy choice, made of woven natural coir from coconut fiber, with a recycled rubber backing. In addition, the monogrammed mat features an eco-friendly, durable construction and the excellent ability to trap dirt and dust before it gets into your home. If you seek tradition but want a more dramatic look, try the Classic Block Coir Mat with a Monogram, a black doormat with distinctive camel-colored lettering.

    For a more fun and quirky look to your front door, try a modern twist with the Imperial Coir Mat with a Monogram, which is also made of woven natural coir from coconut fiber, with a recycled rubber backing. And an eco-friendly, durable construction. While the mat is rectangular, the design is round, reminiscent of a sun. In the middle of this elaborate design, you can display your choice of monogram.

    Monogram your outdoor décor for the holidays
    Christmas time is the holiday to decorate and adding monogrammed outdoor décor will prove the perfect last touch. As you welcome your children home, or are gathering all of your family together for a perfect Christmas feast, welcome them warmly with the Holiday Wreath Flag with Monogram. Line your drive or the front of your home with these festive flags that will feature your monogram boldly in the middle of a beautiful bough of mistletoe and berries. These elegant flags are hand-crafted from soft, high-quality nylon fabric with tight, detailed stitching in fade resistant colors, and it’s nylon fabric ensures extra durability and weather resistance.

    Because Christmas is the most special day of the year, why not add to your Holiday Wreath Flag and perfectly pair it with the Holiday Holly Coir Doormat Insert with a Monogram? It’s the perfect final touch to welcome those who you love most.

    Aekerley Eric is a freelance writer who writes about home maintenance topics and products for monogrammed outdoor decor

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