How The Homosexual Lobby Is Strangling African Countries

How The Homosexual Lobby Is Strangling African Countries
Western countries are using AID to pressure African countries into accepting non-African practices

AFRICANGLOBE – When the Ugandan parliament passed a bill that criminalises homosexual practices, there was an avalanche of unmatched criticism and vitriol from Western countries who castigated the bill as an insult to human rights. This pro-gay lobby called for severe punitive measures against Uganda.

What is puzzling is that an independent African country that has unfettered claim to self-determination could be ostracised for merely deciding to criminalise a practice that widely frowned upon in African custom and conscience. There is nothing untoward about the Ugandan anti-gay bill since it is simply translating African culture into law.

Worldwide, culture and custom are incorporated into law through what has become known as customary law. So, why deny the Ugandans and other Africans a chance to turn their customs into law?

Throughout Africa, homosexuality is viewed as repugnant and an affront to God’s procreation designs. In African settings, homosexuality, together with other sacrilegious practices such as incest, is believed to bring misfortunes such as drought, floods or outbreaks of contagious diseases.

This has been part of African culture since time immemorial and no one can wish it away as it is the African way. Buoyed by its culture and custom, the Ugandan parliament passed a bill that will outlaw some homosexual practices. Member of Parliament, David Bahati, justly praised the passage of the anti-gay bill, thanking the legislators “for the courage and defending the children of Uganda and the cause for humanity, to protect our marriages, to defend culture and to defend the future of our children.”

However, the passing of the bill did not go down well with the conceited pro-gay Western community that immediately and unreservedly castigated Uganda.

The US State Department said, “The United States opposes any legislation that undermines a person’s enjoyment of his or her human rights, and for that reason we condemn legislation that criminalises consensual sexual conduct between adults or criminalises simply being of a particular sexual orientation or gender identity.”

European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton urged the Ugandan government “to ensure respect of the principle of non-discrimination, guaranteed in the Ugandan Constitution, and to preserve a climate of tolerance for all minorities in Uganda”.
UK business tycoon Richard Branson called for a business boycott of Uganda. “I would urge other companies worldwide to follow suit. Uganda must reconsider or find itself being ostracised by companies and tourists worldwide”, said Branson.

Deputy Africa director at Amnesty International, Aster Van Kregten said that the anti-gay bill “amounts to a grave assault on human rights and makes a mockery of the Ugandan Constitution.” Germany cut off aid to Uganda last year citing the bill as one of the reasons. UK prime minister David Cameron has also threatened to cut aid to Uganda over the bill.

Such venom was not only directed at Uganda, but at other African countries such as Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe ran into flak for its stoic anti-gay stance fronted by President Mugabe. President Mugabe has made it clear that Zimbabwe would not recognise gay rights saying gays are worse than dogs and pigs.

During a political rally at Mutare Aerodrome in 2013, President Mugabe rightly pointed out that homosexuality is not consonant with the African culture and practices. President Mugabe said, “We need continuity of our culture. This culture comes from the norm that women carry pregnancies for nine months.

If there is anyone who disputes that, he should lift up his hands to say no I fell from Heaven. This thing (homosexuality) seeks to destroy our lineage by saying John and John should wed, Maria and Maria should wed. Imagine this son born out of an African father (Barack) Obama says if you want aid, you should accept the homosexuality practice. Aah, we will never do that.”

Zimbabwe continued to grapple with the homosexuality discourse during its constitution making process and later during the July 31, 2013 elections. Some gay proponents were calling for the infusion of gay rights into the new constitution. The pro-homosexual lobby found support in the MDC-T, which took it upon itself to mobilise support for gay rights during the constitution making process.

The MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai explicitly sounded his support for homosexuality in a 2011 interview with the BBC. Referring to the homosexuality discourse, Tsvangirai said that, “It’s a controversial subject in my part of the world. My attitude is that I hope the Constitution will come out with freedom of sexual orientation, for as long as it does not interfere with anybody.

To me, it’s a human right.” On his cue, the MDC-T vainly tried to campaign for gay rights during the constitution making process.
Zimbabweans unequivocally rejected the inclusion of gay rights in the new constitution and later sounded their rejection of homosexuality by delivering an indisputable electoral blow to the MDC-T during the July 31 elections.

This is what Africans think about homosexuality. The African jury spoke through the 31 July elections in Zimbabwe and flatly rejected the practice of homosexuality.

Uganda Jail British Man For Homosexuality
Most Africans see homosexuality as an affront to African culture

The viciousness of the pro-gay lobby also became apparent in 2010 when a Malawian court sentenced two Malawian males to 14 years in prison with hard labour for homosexual offences. The trial and sentences were roundly condemned by the so-called human rights organisations such as Amnesty International and donor countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway, and the World Bank.

The donor countries went on to withdraw their aid to Malawi leaving the southern African country trapped in economic quagmire. However, the judgment by the Malawian magistrate Usiwausiwa stood in defence of the African conscience. Delivering the sentence, magistrate Usiwausiwa said, “I will give you a scaring sentence so that the public be protected from people like you, so that we are not tempted to emulate this horrendous example.

We are sitting here to represent the Malawi society, which I do not believe is ready at this point in time to see its sons getting married to other sons or conducting engagement ceremonies.”

The magistrate called the offences “unnatural” and “indecent”. This was supported by the Malawi Council of Churches which advised Government to maintain the laws that criminalise same-sex sexual acts. The MCC asked international organisations and countries to “respect Malawi’s cultural and religious values and refrain from using aid as a means of forcing the country to legalise sinful acts like homosexuality in the name of human rights.”

Due to crippling economic challenges plaguing the country, Malawi ultimately baulked under pro-gay pressure in 2012 and president Joyce Banda shelved the country’s anti-gay laws. Against their culture and conscience, Malawians were rail-roaded and bulldozed to acquiesce to gay practices.

Russia is also at the receiving end of the pro-gay lobby after it enacted a law that criminalises some homosexual practices. The homosexuality proponents are overzealously pushing for the boycott of the Sochi Olympic Games to be held in Russia in February 2014.

It is clear from the foregoing that homosexuality is indisputably abhorrent to African culture and conscience. African people, courts, parliaments and leaders have dismissed the practice as ‘unnatural’ and ‘sinful’. So why should the West foist such a despicable practice that offends the African thought?

The detestable practice of homosexuality is only amenable to communities and cultures in the West. Gay practices are not human rights but Western rights. Western countries should not force other nationalities to accept homosexuality.


Benny Tsododo writes in his personal capacity. Feedback on [email protected] or Twitter @bentsodaz

  • The Greatest Revolutionary President!! Without Doubt : Nelson Rolilhalha Mandela !!

  • Hats off to the great revoutionary …prsident Robert Mugabe. He is no puppet

  • African leaders are fools for not taking good advantage of the blessings bestowed on the continent -in terms of human and material resources.they are not doing anything to get themselves out of the contraption which the Europeans got them into during the colonial era.
    Tell me how we can help ourselves when we are still fighting ethnic,tribal,religious,political wars among many other controversial but resolvable simple boundary issues?.
    Why can’t we organize and re-arrange ourselves the way we were living before the European incursion? Must 20 tribes be under one state?.
    These are the things that the Europeans did not consider before joining everyone,because their interest was only targeted at achieving this present situation where they would continue to exploit this inconsistencies they created.
    Today,what we have are weak states without any power to enforce any social control,except it comes from the west,and in most cases through the proliferation of illegal arms and financial aids,even when it is obvious that Africa is being highly exploited.otherwise,tell me the reason why someone in Europe or in the USA would say no to our collective resolve in Africa ,if not only on the fact that they sees us as brainless and a sort of an amalgamated unproductive weak people/states without any constituency.
    Really,I am not happy with the present situations of the things in African continent ,even the behavior of our so-called rulers(leaders) raises my apprehension.
    How can we continue to talk of aids from the west,when the resources in most African countries can take care of the entire west?.

  • Shambra N Clayton Worthey …. What god are you talking about? Who is the enemy? Take the blinkers off and take the bit from between your teeth. Yoli Matu phrases it well “Pan-Afrkanists cannot back up statements using the white bible – that means you’re still a slave”. Read this as an example of open heartedness and facing fear of the unknown ….v

    MenWeb – Men’s Issues: Gays: Guardians of the Gate Interview with Malidoma Somé

  • lol, when you say ‘God’ you mean specifically the western God which ‘the enemy’ brought across to you during times of colonisation. Pure indoctrination. People have a right to their convictions, but not necessarily to implement this in law… people need to discuss to agree rules together, otherwise law can’t exist. Unfortunately religion does not follow logic or accept ideas from other people because it is ‘just so’, with no possibility of change, so religion will always conflict both with logic, and with other religions.

    P.S. I noticed you had your ears pierced, which is not allowed according to the bible (in Leviticus, exactly where homosexuality is disallowed). So you should be condemned just as much as homosexuals. You are a sinner!
    “Our bodies are not our own, and piercings do not glorify God. They glorify self”

  • All these African Globe articles from Zimbabwe sound like propoganda from a regime because of their obvious distortions of the truth:
    1. The basis for this homophobia is christianity, which only has a long history in the north, but in zimbabwe arrived in the 14th century with a portuguese roman catholic missionary. Christianity in Africa is mostly a product of colonisation.
    2. In precolonial burkino faso and s Africa, lesbians were regarded as astrolgers and traditional healers; in the north east of what is now the DRC kings, prices & soldiers could take male lovers; in pre colonial Benin homosexuality was considered a boyhood stage that they would pass through; in Camaroon and Gabon homosexuality was considered to have medicinal effects.
    3. The west previously did make homosexuality illegal, so not only does Zimbabwe adopt the attitudes and religion of its colonising masters, but it adopts these attitudes from an era long gone.

    Fundamentally though, it is the derisable lack of logic in making homosexuality illegal. Why? Only because of the bible. If people want to believe only the bible, why are zimbabweans not following more prominant rules, like giving to the poor and renouncing wealth. Also remember that prohibited activities in the bible include tatoos, piercings, eating pork, eating shellfish. When will the government legislate against this?

  • Of course it’s not a choice. If it were a choice, why on earth would someone choose to live a life that is discriminated against? Homosexuals who choose to live a straight life are living a lie. Some of them may be able to do it “successfully” but it usually lands up in disaster for them and their families. And it has been proved time and again that gay-conversion therapy as promoted by some Christian outfits is dangerous and does not work.

  • It is a choice, many have chosen to live their lives straight very successfully.

  • Shambra N Clayton Worthey …. What god are you talking about? Who is the enemy? Take the blinkers off and take the bit from between your teeth. Yoli Matu phrases it well “Pan-Afrkanists cannot back up statements using the white bible – that means you’re still a slave”. Read this as an example of open heartedness and facing fear of the unknown ….v

  • Exactly why they should keep their sexuality to themselves, instead of flaunting it the faces of all the world, Then get angry when ppl voice their opinions about it. You don’t hear of heterosexuals suing ppl for being called straight, crying foul because they got fired, beat up or not served because of their sexuality. Can’t have it both ways. You don’t want it to be the issue, stop making it the issue!

  • No, this is trusting and believing God’s precepts over a few wayward men. It’s not fear of anything simply because they choose God……good over evil. We have as much right to our convictions as anyone else to theirs. We choose to believe God and not the lies of the enemy.

  • Homosexuality is a natural phenomenon, even if not the norm, that has existed in all societies and cultures throughout history, including Africa. There is ample evidence for this, including the fact that most African languages have words to describe gay people that have been in the language way before the arrival of Europeans in Africa. So it was never imported into Africa from the West. However, the laws criminalising it based on the Bible are a Western import as is the Bible, a fundamentally flawed book that was written by dessert people thousands of years ago to suit their society, a society that depended on things such as procreation to support group identity against others. And now that the religious right in the US is having its views on homosexuality being challenged and rejected by the majority of Americans, they are looking for other parts of the world to spread their toxic message. Yes, another example of outsiders (mainly white) foisting their views on Africans. Being gay is not a choice just as much as being heterosexual is not a choice so being kind or, even better, giving homosexuals equal rights, is not going to increase the number of homosexuals, but it will make for a fairer society. Too often, gay-bashing by politicians is just a way of deflecting from other problems of their own making. To think that a community of about 5% of the population could ever result in the “death of society”, “destruction of the family” and other exaggerations is quite ridiculous. However, even if you disagree with all of what I have said on this issue and you are still unable to regard homosexuals as fellow human beings, to actively want their lives destroyed by cruel laws shows unbelievable levels of inhumanity.

  • You don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything……”homosexuality is viewed as repugnant and an affront to God’s procreation designs.” Good for Uganda and all of Africa! For God I will live and for God I will die.

  • Pan Afrikanists can not back up statements using the white bible-that means u still a slave.

  • Pan Afrikanists can not back up statements using the white bible-that means u still a slave.

  • keep it up Mr President Mugabe.

  • keep it up Mr President Mugabe.

  • Kick all these NGOs, missionaries and religious entities that comes bearing so call help when they’re really there as damn spies for big corporations. We need to kick all their asses out these countries on the continent and stop begging for aid from the west since we on the continent have all the damn resources that the west needs and should not be begging for shit. We need to learn to leverage ourselves better than we’ve been doing, meanwhile we slaughter each other over bullshit, making it easier for the colonizers to come back in and dominate your dumb asses

  • A lot of the folks on this thread calling homosexuality a sin, while invoking the bible, don’t even know that King James had a thing for little boys. With that said, homosexuality is not a lifestyle; rather, gays and lesbians were born that. People can say it’s not natural all they want, but we all have friends that, looking back now when we were younger-even as way back as ages 6 to 10-we can look back now and say that they were a little different from their typical sexes. Africans always love to quote the bible, but they forget that the god in that bible supposedly created everything on this earth. And yes, including those who are attracted to the same.

  • Imagine the world full of gays…human being will extinct! Including you, Mervyn the monkey gu(a)y

  • @Mervyn well you have monkey brain yourself if you don’t understand Zim’s politics

  • i wish the homeland would have more anti pedophilia laws and to set some age barriers for sex and marriage otherwise bigotry is a waste of time

  • What happens in people’s bedrooms/privacy is nome of the president or the law’s business.

  • I love what Pres. Mugabe said when ask Pres Barak Obama. We should respect the process that produces human beings, and that is the seed of a man coming together with the egg of a woman. I am grateful for this process, and anything else should be questioned, because it is unnatural, and perverted, because it goes against the natural order.

  • No monkey brain either

  • No homo Huey

  • I hope you also admire the fact he has brought that country to ruin… They are using United States Dollars as currency… Lol… No to mention the country is a net importer of food than in the past!!!

  • Praise to Mugabe! I really admire that man!

  • Reading this article is disgusting. Adding discrimination into the law is the same as the Nazi’s did.

  • This is a typical biased article taken from the religious right in the USA… Stranging Africa??? Gimme a break. If you cannot report then dont write such a sorry ugly article!!!! Gays are being murdered in Africa

  • On the flip side, I can think of a lot of things that are “consonant” with African culture that should be left in the 10th century. Namely FGM and all forms of violence against women.

  • we reproduce to build a great nation……

  • This is not only homophobic and biased but inaccurate too. Perhaps Africans could start by questioning the Western un-African nature and history of the God and religion they un-questioningly follow which was foisted upon them. What about the old African Gods and practices? What is African, what is fiction, what is natural and what is fear of the unknown? Ignorance breeds fear and prejudice. Think, think hard.

  • … Coretta Scott King… Wangari Maathai …Shirin Ebadi …


  • … Graca Machel … Archbishop Desmond Tutu …

  • … & Maya Angelou while u @ it …

  • may God bless him

  • Ok. Now pray, do tell us, in the name of unbiased reporting, what President Nelson Mandela had to say about this very same topic.

  • My admiration and respect for President Mugabe continues! I live in the US and it’s refreshing to see men rejecting this lifestyle. Salute!