Information on UK Flights to Africa

    Information on UK Flights to Africa

    Africa is the second largest and one of the least spoilt continents in the world, though it is very populated. It contains 53 countries and several island groups. The continent has a mixture of people, cultures, and languages. Several tourists from UK visits Africa attracted by interesting vistas and safaris. The Continent has a wide variety of animals like tigers, lions, gazelles, and giraffes. Africa includes countries such as Angola, Algeria, Botswana, Congo, Cameroon, Gambia, Egypt, Ghana, Malawi, Kenya Libya, Niger, Morocco, Senegal, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, South Africa, Tunisia, Togo, and Zimbabwe, to name a few. A few of these countries, have known troubles, so check for the safe time to visit before going on a voyage.

    There are not several flights from UK to Africa, therefore the prices are usually high. You can avail the direct flights from the airports in London, such as Gatwick and Heathrow; even if there are fights with some changes that can be taken from other airports, although the most convenient way is usually through London. There are some very famous and comparatively cheaper destinations such as Morocco, Egypt, and Tunisia. The flights are offered at best rates during the British winter and summer months, because during summer, they have school holidays; and winters are so chilly that they go to other warmer places. The airlines you can fly with are Air France, or Afrigihah Airways, while airlines like Ryanair, Easyjet, and Thomsonfly now have flights to Morocco, and Tunisia. The domestic airport is the Tambo International, located in Johannesburg, South Africa; and Cairo situated in Egypt.

    Although Africa is a large continent, the weather is generally warm it is located atop the equator. The weather is however cooler on the coasts; but the continent centre is very dry and hot. The normal heat in this area is 27 degrees centigrade. The northern and southern region has a rainforest belt and gets a wet season, during summer months. The average annual rainfall is between 20 to 60 inches.

    Before going to Africa, you must get yourself vaccinated against diseases like malaria, which spreads by mosquito bites (you will have to get this 2 months earlier, and make all the required payments).

    Safari is one of the top things for tourists to do. In Tanzania, there are many nature reserves to visit and watch. There will be special day drips you can go on where the tour guide will take you in a safe car to the best location and at a suitable time of day. In Tanzania, there is for example the specialized Chimpanzee program in the marks of the Mahal Mountains.

    Kenya is famous for verdant land; it is also famous as a growing city, where you can meet the locals and understand the genuine African life; the Masaii reside in this region. There are several good resorts in Kenya, where many Royals have put up.

    In Zanzibar, you will find many beaches, which are pristine; such as Pemba, Mafia, and Unguja. Don’t forget to take your camera along. It should be of good quality with a suitable protective gear, to safeguard it from the really hot climate.

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