An Overview Of Africa And Its Countries

    An Overview Of Africa And Its Countries

    If you are looking for small, backwards villages to huge modern cities, Africa is the place to go. Incredibly, 12 percent of the population of the world, some 840 million people, live in the 49 countries that make up this continent. Learning about the countries on this continent can become an exciting pastime.

    One of the fascinating things about this particular continent is the large number of tribes and people groups that make up its population. Every tribe and group has its own culture and customs. Each country has indigenous groups, as well as groups that have moved in over the centuries.

    Sudan is the country of the pyramids. Although, one usually hears of the pyramids in Egypt, Sudan actually has more than Egypt does. There are 223 known pyramids in this country. They are enormous, steep sided structures that measure from 75 to 100 feet tall.

    One of the most interesting countries on the continent is Libya. This country is mostly desert. Deserts cover 90 percent of the country, and are rich in petroleum deposits. This has made Libya the ninth richest country on the continent.

    An enormous desert covers almost 90 percent of Libya’s land. This same desert makes it Africa’s ninth richest country. It is rich in petroleum. Very few people live in the country of Libya.

    Have you ever heard about the Goliath frog? Equitorial Guinea and Cameroon are home to this frog. It is 30 inches long when you stretch it out, and just its body can measure 12 inches long. Even though, it is so big in adulthood, the tadpoles are the same size as other species of tadpoles. Once they are grown the can jump up to 10 feet forward. Because of their size, everyone expects them to make a loud noise, but they don’t make any noise at all.

    Africa is a fascinating continent with many interesting facts. It is mainly known for its abundant wild life and the Safaris. Adventurers will enjoy travelling throughout these intriguing countries.

    Yamashita Kazuma is intrigued by all things African and plans to visit Africa as soon as he is able to.