How To Pamper Yourself With Luxury Train Travel In Africa At A Reasonable Price

    How To Pamper Yourself With Luxury Train Travel In Africa At A Reasonable Price

    When people talk about Africa, they often think of wide open spaces, mud huts and the sound of lions and elephants at night. Many people also think that the only way to experience all of this is by going on a 4×4 trip and sleeping in tents. Few know of the possibilities provided by luxury train travel in Africa.

    The reality is that their are in fact luxury trains running from Cape Town right up to Dar-es-Salaam. On the way you will see everything that Africa is famous for. You don’t need a 4×4 and you don’t have to sleep in tents. In fact you throughout the whole trip you will be pampered in the utmost luxury.

    The starting point, Cape Town, is not one of the most popular tourist cities in the world for no reason. It’s highly advisable that you stay here for a few days before you commence your trip. There’s a multitude of things to see and experience. Start with a leisurely trip by cable car to the top of the majestic Table Mountain, from where you will have views of the whole Cape Peninsula. Visit the V&A Waterfront with its many shops and restaurants in a live harbor setting. Then venture on a wine tasting tour to many of the wine farms surrounding this lovely city.

    Once you board the train, you will have your own private compartment with private facilities. The ambiance is classic, with wood panels, soft lighting and thick carpets. And when you get thirsty or hungry you can enjoy a lovely meal or drink in one of the restaurant cars or bars on the train.

    The mere act of slowly sipping an exotic cocktail while the train is traversing the endless plains of Africa and the sun is a ball of fire in the western sky is something unique to Africa. And when it’s time to rest, you are going to love the double bed found in every compartment. The gentle movement of the train and the sounds of Africa in the background will combine to lull you into a deep slumber very soon.

    Depending on which option you select, your trip will follow one of two routes. Both trips pass though the stunning mountains of the Western Cape and the arid plains of the Karoo. After that one line passes through Namibia and Botswana and the other goes through the eastern parts of South Africa and Namibia. Both trips end in the historical city of Dar-es-Salaam from where you can fly back home.

    Since 2010 travelers now also have the option to indulge themselves in even more luxury train travel by opting for the Cape Town to Cairo route. The trip follows the normal route to Dar-es-Salaam. From there you will pass through the Serengeti plains of Tanzania and have the opportunity to visit the gorillas of Uganda. Where there’s no rail connection, you will fly to your next destination in a fully restored classic airplane.

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