The Politics Behind “One” God, Western Definition Of Monotheism Masks Imperialism

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Part Two

  • Satan is not a deity! And the Illuminati are not Aetheists! They have rituals ceremonies and human sacrifices !

  • Fred Murtz:
    If you don’t believe in a diety then chances are you don’t believe in Satan.

  • Religion is a very sensitive subject so what ever God you believe in rather it’s a bird snake monkey, etc do us a favor and pray our world is in desperate need of it.

  • I have to say it is a racists to suggest blacks are weak minded children who can not make up their own minds and CHOOSE. Very disappointing to suggest that 400 million Africans are simple minded and easily manipulated. Assuming people don’t question. That’s a pretty big assumption. They question and they CHOOSE.

  • The Bible never says there are not other gods.

  • The gods.

  • You would have to ask…where did the Pharaoh’s priests get the power to change staffs into snakes?

  • Imperialists dont beleive in any deity and many have faith in Satan!

  • This is really thought provoking. It is quite interesting how important history is in order for one to truly understand what all religion is based on. It is evident that this part of history was deliberately hidden by those whose intention it was to mislead multitudes… To me this article should be about the importance of history in relation to what we are led to believe. Comparing monotheism and polytheism will not bear any meaningful debates as they both terms meant to mislead us from pursuing the real truth.

  • There was an Egyptian Pharaoh that tried to bring monotheism to Kemet. After Akhenaten died they went back to polytheism. But it is an error to call monotheism Western. Monotheism spread through North Africa, Ethiopia all on it’s own.

  • Well I know Moses Staff ate up Pharoah’s staff…Moses one God kicked Pharoah’s many god BUTT.

  • I love this article, and the idea of “one god almighty” is a joke.