Safaris to Kenya: Must See Travel Attractions in Nairobi

    Safaris to Kenya: Must See Travel Attractions in Nairobi

    Nairobi is one city in East Africa that has become unique in the sense that business as well as leisure travel exist symbiotically. The city is well prepared to meet the needs of the different visitors that come to this place. Some of the attractions that one can enjoy in this city include visiting Museums, restaurants as well as a game park which is in the city itself!

    Nairobi city is blessed to be home to the Nairobi National Park that is located 7km from the center of the city! Nairobi National park is the only park in the world that borders a city. Visitors to the park also do get to have magnificent views of the Nairobi Skyscrapers as they go on a game drive to this park. The park is about 117 km2 and has numerous wild animals including buffaloes among other wild animal species. We also have the David Sheldrick trust which cares for orphaned animals that was founded by Mervyn Cowie in 1946. When you visit this place you get to view diverse bird life and aquatic species.

    If you are feeling bold and daring, another attraction that we would recommend is the Nairobi snake park. Here you get to see all sorts of dangerous vipers that are enclosed within thick glass walls. Nairobi snake park is quite popular with international as well as local visitors plus researchers and students. The vipers that can be found here include the cobras, mambas, adders as well as the African rock python.

    Another attraction to visit is the Nairobi Museum that was established in 1910. The museum is responsible for keeping important historical monuments and its also used as a research center. The museum also has a botanical garden within its confines. Get to enjoy and see artifacts that show the history of the country.

    For those that love locomotives, the Railway museum would be an ideal choice. The railway museum records the troubled history involved in the construction of the Kenya – Uganda railway line. You will learn more about the lions that loved eating humans for lunch (Tsavo man eaters) which developed an appetite for the railway workers in the early 1900s. Learn how they were eventually killed. The old steam engines are on exhibit and once in a while they are fired up to offer visitors rides along the Kenyan countryside.

    The pagoda shaped Kenyatta International Conference Center is the most recognizable symbol of Nairobi. Its unique architecture makes it a Kenyan icon akin to India’s Taj-Mahal, or Paris’ Eiffel Tower. It has a ready photographic ambiance for visitors interested in creating moments in time.

    No travel itinerary is complete without a visit to Carnivore restaurant to binge on their second to none specialties The Meat Buffet and drinks. Watching the succulent meat cuts on skewers, makes for easier understanding why it’s been rated among the top 50 hotels in the world by UK’s Restaurant Magazine and dubbed ‘Africa’s Greatest Eating Experience’. It’s a vibrant entertainment spot having hosted local and international artists like Shaggy, Hugh Masekela and Kirk Franklin.

    For those that are interested in the history of Kenya, the Kenya National Archives is an ideal place to tour. For those that love African art, the African Heritage located at the Carnivore as well as the Masai Market are an ideal place to visit.

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