South Africa – Nature’s backyard

    South Africa – Nature’s backyard

    The hustle and bustle of city life, the jam packed days of work and the stress of everyday often pushes people to take a vacation. A vacation has variously been described as an escape from the everyday, a way to leisurely experience the sights and sounds of a different place. Holidays spent with friends and family some say are the best holidays. There is however something about a journey that one embarks on for self-exploration. South africa holidays present a way of life that is so often different from the everyday that it sets one on the path to self-exploration and self-realization.

    Holidays in South Africa transport city dwellers to a mystical land where one can hop from a jungle to a cosmopolitan city that is uniquely South African.Holidays in South Africa give vacationers the rare opportunity to see varied terrains vastly different from the previous one. A South Africa holiday accommodates vacations on a beach, deep forests and man-made luxurious retreats all in one extreme vacation.

    A South Africa holiday can be customized to suit the personal tastes of vacationers as the land has much more than just safaris and the wild life to offer. There are numerous tour planners and tour guides eager to help vacationers get an authentic South Africa holiday experience. A uniquely South African experience has to be a vacation that covers the desert, the beach, the bush land, the table mountain and the ultra-modern cutting edge leg of the South African experience, the cosmopolitan cities.

    South Africa holidays can take you up close and personal to the big five, the lion, the leopard, the buffalo, the rhino and the elephant. From snorkeling with great white sharks to the bustling nightclubs in Cape Town, every stop on holidays in South Africa is an experience that cannot be duplicated.

    South Africa holidays can be educative while being entertaining at the same time. The journey of the oppressed clans of tribes, the relevance and the struggles of apartheid are even today resonant in many parts of South Africa. Despite all the racial inequality and the years of oppression, South Africans are some of the happiest, most welcoming people on the face of planet earth today. With 11 official languages, it is not a surprise that travelers might learn to greet in more than one language. The Indian settlements in Durban, the Malay influences in Cape Town and the South African experience intertwine to make for a truly unique experience.