South Africa Travel

    South Africa Travel

    We all know that France and Spain are the top tourism countries in the world but South Africa is one country that is challenging European countries in recent times. It might sound unbelievable but the South African tourism report has seen a tremendous growth after 2006 and they are growing gradually at the rate of five percent per annum which means that every year the number of international tourists visiting South Africa is increasing in millions. One of the main reasons for this tremendous tourism growth is that the country is working hard to attract more and more people from all over the world.

    South Africa is a unique nation that lies in the sub-Sahara region. It has an ancient history and many explorers and sailors have explored South Africa from very early times. Since South Africa is on the African continent you can be sure that there is enough of greenery and wildlife over here that attracts a lot of wildlife photographers, animal lovers, botanists and geologists from all over the world. As far as normal people are consider, South Africa is a better place to enjoy your holidays and have some of the best landscapes right before us.

    If you are in South Africa with your family or with your friends, you are bound to have a very good time that you will remember for years to come because South Africa offers you every possible fun and entertainment that you can think of. Of course, the best location in South Africa is Cape Town and the city has soon developed into mother of all cities. Cape Town is nothing less than a New York but to amplify its beauty, Cape Town has a Table Mountain in the background which is a kind of flat plateau. Cape Town has some of the best beaches in South Africa and if you feel that you want to enjoy more you can head towards the best restaurants and hotels in Cape Town that provide world’s best cuisines. You can even enjoy the nightlife here by going to some of the jazziest and best discos and pubs in Cape Town.

    Once you have checked out Cape Town you can move to the Winelands. This is a great place where you can taste different kinds of wines and the place is considered as the best wedding place in South Africa therefore you will always find marriages happening in The Winelands.

    It might sound stupid that you are in South Africa and you haven’t been to a safari. Here in South Africa you can visit malaria-free safaris and some of the best wildlife that you might not find anywhere else on earth. You can visit Kruger National Park and other Game Reserves where you can enjoy the wildlife, relax and have a great time that would make you feel closer to the nature. Balloon trips are also one of the great attractions in South Africa. If you love sports than you are in the right country as South Africa hosts a number of international soccer and cricket events that is fun to watch.

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