Inside South Africa’s Wineries

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    by laNDN

    Inside South Africa’s Wineries

    In 2010 there are many opportunity to travel country to country, vineyard to vineyard. One of the most valuable from them is South Africa. Their politics and society is much clearer that was in the 80’s that’s why we can meet same conditions as other countries’ wineries. Let’s discover together wineries of Africa’s bead.

    South Africa is somewhere between New and Old world wine making. In the past few decades the country’s wine industry try to step out within its borders. To tell the truth with many success. They make more fashionable product and export many bottles yearly. South Africa is one of the few country where not Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay is the leader. Chenin Blanc is. We can found here rare grapes like Colombard or Pinotage as well.

    The majority of South Africa’s wine regions are located in the Western Cape. There are six main regions in the country with 270.000 acres.

    One of the oldest region in SOuth Africa is The Stellenbosch district. This region provides 15-20% of the annual wine production in the country. Its climate is similar to Bordeaux’s. Our suggestion from this region Indaba Shiraz with chocolate flavor.

    Near to Stellenbosch laying Durbanville, Cape Town. A fine Moulderbosch Sauvignon Blanc is popular there with its gooseberry and citrus flavors.

    One of driest and arid place in South Africa is the Breede River Valley. The valley is located at the Drakenstein Mountains. The river has a must see landscape.

    Now let’s discover the biggest wine region in the country. This is Constantia which located south of the Cape Town. This region has great history. Vin de Constance was drunk by Napoleon when exiles on St. Helena. Beside table wines we found an excellent high value red: Vergelen Premium Red Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Walker Bay where you can relax as well. Finding a tour of the most southerly vineyards in Africa is a must, as well as long walks down our endless sandy beaches. Walker Bay is a relatively cool climate region which as always has led to the planting of Pinot Noir. This is probably the most exciting South African region for this variety, with several estates having considerable success. There are also some very good Chardonnays. Another rarity is a 2007 The Ruins Chardonnay/Viognier inside it with the lemon taste.

    Despite the fact that FIFA World Championship will held this year in South Africa, the other reason to visit this country is the wine. Grapes like the country’s climate, you can find several rarities, so do not hesitate and travel to the most developing country of Africa.

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