Top 4 Tips to Follow While Having a South African Safari

    Top 4 Tips to Follow While Having a South African Safari

    South Africa is among the most enchanting and diverse countries you would visit in the world. With its exotic combinations of people, landscapes, culture, and history, it offers a unique and inspiring moment for the traveler. With over 20 game parks and thousands of miles of spectacular coastlines, South Africa boasts of being among the number one tourist attraction sites in the world and leading in Africa. If its tens of thousands of its resorts and beaches will not leave your jaws dropped, then you definitely must be in the wrong place. The following are just some tips to guide you through, while you are on your South African Safari.

    Tip 1. Enjoy Kruger National Park
    If your destination is Kruger National Park, worry not because there are a number of activities you can do here, that will end up giving you a feel of having traversed the whole country. Here you will have a chance of viewing the big cat family live. If you also enjoy watching live hunting, here you will love every bit of your safari.

    Tip 2. Sample the Wildlife
    The main aim of thousands of tourists that flock South Africa is to view the country’s wildlife. The country is well endowed with several wild animals ranging from birds, nearly 800 species. Mammal species range close to 300 species. Most tourists visit the various parks in South Africa, with the main aim of viewing the big five animals. They are namely Buffalo, Leopards, Lions Elephants, and the Rhinoceros. Several private game reserves either will organize for wild drives, or are situated where you can meet and view these wild animals at close range.

    Tip3. Explore the South African culture and heritage
    The country boasts of her rich and reserved culture, evidenced on their cultural practices, language which includes Zulu and Afrikaans, and her architecture. Despite the fact that people have been modernized and westernized due to rural-urban migration, it is not true to say that their culture has completely faded away. You can enjoy viewing their old architecture such as the Union Buildings while in Pretoria, the Rhodes Memorial, and St George’s Cathedral and St John’s College in Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively.

    Tip 4. Indulge in walking safari
    If you need to have a feel of the African woods on foot, then here, you will have a chance to experience a walking safari and enjoy a close range view of the big five animals. Inside the several private reserves, you will enjoy the real uninterrupted safari experience, and get to sleep under the African stars during the night. If you want something different from the customary, then the camps here will provide you with an ideal experience.

    Tip 5. Discover off limits areas
    The country has been blessed with one of the best roads and highway systems. If you are an adventurous person, the system may lure you into trying them more and more. However, never get tempted to go where you do not know. If anything, first do thorough research on the areas. Better still, find information from your tour guide.

    This nation, takes pride in being one of the best safari destination throughout the world. If you are a first timer, this is the nation to visit, as it will give you a feel of what Africa has in store to in terms of wildlife and reserved heritage.

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