Top Places To Go To In East Africa

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    Top Places To Go To In East Africa

    When you think of Africa, you probably think of savannas filled with different kinds of wildlife. You think of safaris, of white water rafting, and about the abundance of wildlife. East Africa is no different, and in fact is exactly this – more so than even other parts of Africa. The best place to enjoy all that Africa has to offer is definitely Kenya, one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent times.

    Kenya has a teeming tourist trade. In fact, it earns so much from its tourist trade that it has become the second largest source of revenue for the country. Most of this money comes through safaris in its 19 national parks and game preserves. Other than this, there are mosques in Mombasa, the Great Rift Valley, coffee plantations, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and its beautiful beaches.

    If you are departing to Kenya, you must certainly go on a safari through one of its several national parks. These safari tours have well qualified personnel and guides available for its visitors. These parks include the Amboseli National Park that stretches through to Tanzania, Kora National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Mount Kenya National Park, and Nairobi National Park, which is the smallest and at only7 kilometres away from the city.

    You can book a wildlife safari either through your travel agent, or when you reach Kenya. You can choose from many options such as from budget safaris, where you will be back in the city by nightfall, or longer and more luxurious safaris where you will stay in five-star cabins in the park and go out for a safari during the day. You will love this experience as you view the Big 5, and enjoy the stunning vistas made up by the teeming wildlife and diversity in plantations.

    You can also choose to go white water rafting. Some tour operators will lump the two experiences, so if you sign up for a five or seven day package, you will be able to white water raft along the river, and then stop at a national park and go for a safari. The combined package of safari and white water rafting is relatively cheaper than the individual trips to these spots.

    A further great way to spend your time in Kenya is on the beaches. The seashore extends on forever, and the waves are unimpeded by any island on their way from the Indian Ocean and strike into the beach, making a beautiful view.

    Ensure you also head over to the coffee plantations to check out how the coffee you drink every morning reaches you. You will love the heady smell, and the information you will get from visiting the coffee plantation locations. You can also head over to Mr. Kilimanjaro, where you will be astonished by the attractiveness of the mountain and its territory.

    Therefore, instead of dreaming of Africa, this year set out to Kenya and experience Africa. Discover for yourself why it is that folks go back again and again to this brilliant country.