Travel Advice & Hotel Booking Guide For African Safaris

    Travel Advice & Hotel Booking Guide For African Safaris

    The thing about African safaris is that the distance of the continent and the experience takes people away from modernity. It gets a lot harder to do all the usual things, like finding a nice hotel nearby, or making arrangements for local transport and meals, etc. The point here is that it is important to make all the arrangements in advance, find a good deal with a place to stay and so on.

    But there are still some issues to be settled, such as where to go and when to go, and what kind of package deal /hotel to choose. Let’s take these one at a time. The where is most likely going to be in the south in South Africa (Kruger) or Botswana (Chobe Park). In East Africa, the wildebeest migration is a popular choice in Kenya which also has the Masai Mara, and in the Serengeti in Tanzania.

    As for the best time to visit, this depends mostly on the destination and the rain (or dry season), or a combination thereof. So for those planning a visit to Kenya or Tanzania to catch the migration, the best time is visit is opposite. July-Nov in Kenya and Nov-June in Tanzania.

    South Africa offers more to cater to the visitors’ schedule, with diverse weather that includes everything from dry deserts to flourishing parks like Kruger. Kruger visitors should take note that the best time to watch big game in action is the dry spell, from May-Sept. Other African destinations offer very specific safaris, like Rwanda/Uganda for gorilla trekking (Dec-Feb) and Zambia/Zimbabwe for Victoria Falls (March-May).

    African safaris are a huge industry, and there are many companies offering all kinds of travel deals. Finding the best ones depends essentially on the length of stay and budget. For example, an 8-day Cape Town package offers a complete South African experience including an exploration of the city, beaches, Table Mountain and the safari.

    Booking hotels for a safari is also not too hard, once the destination has been chosen. Most people prefer to book a package so there’s no logistics to worry about. But it is also possible to just book a flight and hotel near the safari destination. The safari company will like as not pick up guests at the hotel and drop them back after the safari, and take care of all the arrangements during the safari.

    Locating comfortable and economical hotels in South Africa is the sure method to have a interesting and unique holiday. South Africa can be the base location for many activities including African safaris.