Where To Travel If In Kenya

    Where To Travel If In Kenya

    Kenya is safari country. There is so much to see and do that where to travel in Kenya would probably take a lifetime to write about, let alone to go around. The cultures and landscapes and animals and people and birds and flora and fauna are as diverse as they are beautiful.

    Wildlife and bird life

    Game safaris are probably the single most popular reason why visitors come to this country. There are over 20 National Parks and Game Reserves, each complete with all types of animals.

    The Maasai Mara is a good place to go between July and October each year to watch the great wildebeest migration.

    The bird life is also very rich and the Kakamega Forest alone is known to have over 500 different bird species perched on over 350 species of trees. The forest has over 27 species of snakes.

    Mountain Expeditions

    Mountain treks and climbing safaris are an exciting part of what Kenya has to offer. Mount Kilimanjaro is on the Tanzanian side of her border with Kenya and is easily accessible on a Kenyan safari. This is Africa’s highest mountain at 5895m high, and is clearly visible from many of the places on the surrounding savanna plains.

    Mount Kenya is Africa’s second highest at 5199m high and you can get to climb up to Point Lenana (4985m) or for the more seasoned mountaineer to the more rugged Point Nelion (5188m ) or even Point Batian ( 5199m).

    There are also several smaller mountains and craters that are just as fun to trek and offer organized expeditions for the adventure seeker.

    The Lakes.

    These constitute an important aspect of where to travel in Kenya.There is lots of Flamingo to see on Lake Nakuru, Bogoria, Elmentaita as well as other birds and even more animals.Fishing is found on Lake Turkana and Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is the world’s largest fresh-water lake.

    Hot springs can be found on the banks of Lake Bogoria.

    Most of Kenya’s Lakes are found on the bed of the Great Rift Valley, another of Kenya’s spectacular landscapes.

    The Coast Of Kenya

    Unlimited options for travel and exciting water sports are to be found at the coast, against a backdrop of blue ocean waters and white sandy beaches. Here is also a fine blend of rich Arabic, Swahili and Bantu cultural influences in the people’s art, architecture and lifestyles.

    There is more, you will encounter unforgettable experiences if you know where to travel in Kenya.

    Jane Farasi has been involved in tours and travel business in East Africa for many years. She currently spends her time providing unique Africa holiday solutions at her travel agency. Check out her site for articles and resources to help you decide where to travel and what to see in this region.