Traveling Through South Africa

    Traveling Through South Africa

    South Africa: a dreamland full of wildlife safaris, mile-long beaches, deserts, vineyards, and a magnificent climate year-round. Despite suffering under apartheid for many years, South Africa is now a cultural melting pot: indigenous and European cultures both have a hand in shaping South African society. Driving through South Africa is always an adventure: one moment you may be in a European-style town, the next moment an African town, the next an Indian town. (Yes, even Indian culture has played a large part in South African society!)

    Best time to visit South Africa: Normally, anybody can visit South Africa year round, as the climate is pleasant and warm. The climate is exactly the opposite of the climate in North America or Europe. South Africa enjoys winter during the month of July.

    Winter in South Africa falls between June and September, and is the best time to go on a safari: because winter is the dry season, animals will arrive at well-known watering holes and you can see them from quite close at game reservations. It is usually very sunny in the Krger National Park and the protected game areas of KwaZulu Natal. Daytime temperatures are warm, around 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit), and the nights are cool. It is also usually pleasant on the east coast, where the Indian Ocean has good water temperatures all year long. The summer (December through March) can be quite hot, but bearable because of the extreme dryness inland. It can be a bit too hot and humid on the east coast, however, and Cape Town can suffer from an unpleasant southeast wind. There may also be increases in prices during Christmas and Eastern when most South Africans travel. Prices are more reasonable outside of these peak seasons, however.

    Spring’s heavier rainfall combined with softer temperatures makes for a great time for any fans of blossoms. Most South Africans consider Christmas to be the primary time of vacation and travel. During Christmas, as well as Easter, tourism spots are congested and prices take a steep hike upwards due to the increase in demand. But fortunately, outside of this season, you can count on prices being much lower.

    Following care is a must while traveling in Johannesburg and in the capital Pretoria: 1) Preferable travel in group. 2) Don’t carry much cash while site seeing. Keep cash in your room only. 3) Get full information in detail about tour / program and follow strictly. 4) Never drive with unlocked windows and doors. 5) It is advisable to go for rent a car. 6) If feels danger of attack, drive off immediately.

    Health arrangements: Travelers have to take care of their health. As if health permits, they can enjoy touring. Under mentioned are small health tips to be taken: 1) Must have Health Insurance. 2) Keep away from mosquitoes and malaria. 3) Use Long / full sleeve shirts if required. 4) Contact hospitals immediately in case of emergency.

    Customs Allowances: Each person may bring a liter of liquor, two liters of wine, 2 packs of cigarettes and 250 grams of tobacco as well as 50ml of perfume. The unit of currency is the South African Rand. As exchange rates vary, you will need to check the rate when you are booking hotels or making travel arrangements. The major, international credit cards are accepted in all states. With your own credit card and pin number you can get cash at many cash machines problem-free. The FIFA Football World Cup takes place in South Africa in 2010.

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