Why You Should Visit South Africa For A Holiday – Great Hotels

    Why You Should Visit South Africa For A Holiday – Great Hotels

    People wouldn’t have even considered visiting South Africa before the World Cup in 2010 if they weren’t already familiar with it. However how friendly the locals are and how South Africa has developed was highlighted by the World Cup. People are now considering going on holiday there more. Of course there are still areas to avoid just like anywhere else so it’s important to stay in the visit the right area and stay in the right hotels.

    Due to it being regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Cape Town comes with a price tag. How about a breathtaking 17,000 bottle vintage wine collection for guests to choose from? Or how about acclaimed chefs? Both of which are available at the amazing Ellerman House. Granite from table mountain itself has been used to add a further bit if South African charm to the bar area.

    If you’re looking for something a little cheaper there are hostels such as the Backpack and Africa travel centre which is an award winning hostel. This hostel is more like a hotel as it has a swimming pool, reading lights by every bed, internet access through a Wifi room and a hostel bar and cafe. This hostel is so well presented that it is hard to believe it’s a hostel at all.

    Durban offers a great alternative if Cape Town isn’t where you want to head. Hotels such as the Don Oceanic Durban have beautiful beaches just a stroll away from them. The Don Oceanic really shows how far South Africa has come and the lengths its people go to, to attract tourists. With its ample facilities, it is also a little cheaper than the Ellerman.

    The World’s eyes have been opened to the welcome feeling from South Africa’s people and the beauty of the place as the World Cup in 2010 shone a positive light on it. Maybe it’s time to consider South Africa for a new experience since its hotels and hostels are surpassing that of other popular tourist locations.

    Since the World Cup 2010 the tourism industry in the country has been booming, and South Africa hotels have kept up the same standards.