A Visitor’s Guide To Wonderful Johannesburg, South Africa

    A Visitor’s Guide To Wonderful Johannesburg, South Africa

    Johannesburg, South Africa is quickly becoming a prime vacation destination largely in part to the World Cup soccer game as well as the impressive renovations that have been going on in the city in recent years. The World Cup has brought thousands and thousands of visitors to Johannesburg who have all been welcomed with some glorious accommodation options to choose from as well as wonderful sights to see and fascinating things to do. Much of the city has been recently improved in preparation for the World Cup game including the area’s impressive hotels.

    This wonderful city is located in South Africa’s smallest province, Gauteng, which is known for being the wealthiest in all the country. Because of its prime location and the World Cup soccer game coming to town bringing along with it thousands upon thousands of tourists, not to mention the large, local diamond and gold market, Johannesburg will forever hold a special place in history and has quickly become the ideal spot for South African tourism to flourish.

    While Johannesburg has never been known to be much of a tourist attraction, this opinion is changing rapidly as the area increases in popularity not only because of the soccer game but because of the city’s vast accommodation options, countless interesting things to do and experience, and also the beautiful countryside that surrounds the area. The absolute best time to visit Johannesburg is during the dry months of June through December as the rest of the year tends to be substantially rainy.

    You certainly won’t be bored during your trip to Johannesburg and you should prepare for an action packed adventure. Arts and culture abound in the city and you will find evidence of this just about anywhere you go. If your accommodation is located directly in the city centre you will be enthralled by the vastness of the nightlife that occurs. Take the time to explore the countless sidewalk vendors that line the streets as the sun goes down.

    Architecture is another of Johannesburg’s strong points as the city is chock full of amazing structures and fascinating buildings to marvel at that explain in detail how the area has come to be the wonderful place it is today. You will also want to see the beautiful national park, the Johannesburg Zoo, and the fun filled theme parks that make their home near the city.

    One of the best ways to experience South Africa is by using the local bus service, the bus station can be found in the center of the city. These buses will take you virtually anywhere and this allows you to explore every element of this amazing country. All of the areas of Johannesburg which you may not have been able to see will be opened up for you. You will fully experience the real Johannesburg and can explore the breathtaking countryside.

    The wondrous city of Johannesburg, South Africa offers its visitors an incredible array of things to see and do whether you’re interested in the fast paced nightlife, the city’s incredible culture and history, the comfortable and luxurious accommodations, or the breathtaking scenery. A visit to the great city of Johannesburg will undoubtedly be one vacation that will remain with you long after you have arrived back home.

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