7 Tips: Michaelango Was God’s Architect But He Drew It Wrong. Adam was Black, Eve Too

7 Tips: Michaelango Was God’s Architect But He Drew It Wrong. Adam was Black, Eve Too

American antiques art and paintings follow the pattern from our European roots. We see the church of San Lorenzo, where Michaelangelo brought forth modern brilliance in art, yet was caught up in the next war. He choose the wrong side, and we now see a result. The mystery of how it could be that a people could paint over such brilliant work is solved. His brillance was painted over not because they did not see. But that they did see all too well but in revenge the other side got even.

And so this great creative leap of his understanding had remained hidden behind another series of paintings in the churches of San Lorenzo. While we all have gasped in awe of his later works in the Vatican, like us all, he did much to pratice his evolution of understanding of the use of light and subtle glistening ways to highlight any focus point as to inspire. His evocative painting of God reaching his finger tip out to a reaching back Adam is so utterly an inspired moment of perfection in art in that Michaelangelo has us suspended in that moment which has not yet occurred.

Their finger tips appeared doomed to almost but not yet touch. And to suggest such in the eyes and house of God was near blasphemy. Paint on doomed soul. And that this inspired God like decency has not yet happened in the life span of humanity is such a brilliant political protest statement. And we fail to notice: they did not mention that just now in this BBC documentary, and I think we need to look at that more. Where are we? What have we become? Is anybody out there? Does any body see? Care? Nyet. Nyet yet. Roll on harvest moon and through the heavens all day. God is in my sword. No, mine.

With Medici control to the Gates of Heaven the world seemed very far from any heavenly possibility. We fail to see his cry to us: wake up. We really have not yet. Seven tips you might consider if you place yourself into the body and soul and brilliant mind of Michaelangelo and you wish to remain alive while the Medici Pope frowns at your work. The end of the world. The stern Medici Pope looked up into God’s glare at him, and he did not like that glare over his shoulder.

So what if our human race has not yet really received its electric arcing spark of humanity from God. Yet enough others seemed in awe of the pretty artwork so Michaelangelo got away with much. Did you know he placed himself into that painting? He became in The Final Judgement St Bartholemew, with his skin flailed and stripped from his body. You try all this while you are upside down in shaky scaffolding hundreds of feet above the hard stones of the Sistine Chapel with an occasional glaring Pope asking you to get on with it.

By now, if you are in your seventies and then you are asked for one last job. Rebuild Rome. A work that would guarantee his place in eternity – design the place on earth of God. Medici Pope or no Medici Pope. So his final brilliance and energy was into that creation of the Vatican. Not since the Pantheon of ld Roman glory had such a dome been seen in the world, and Michaelangelo created a very advanced system of buttresses to support the additional large weight. And his family did receive acknowledgement.

Did you know, I did not, that Michaelangelo had a younger family member from Da Vinci. And when in 1564, at 89, Michaelangelo died, he left all his estate in Tuscany to the also brilliant young Leonardo of da Vinci nearby. So the great Dome of St. Peter’s was completed three decades after the death of Michaelangelo by lesser men and Michaelangelo was acknowledged in the known world as God’s architect.

How you and I with our lesser skills create our Sistine Chapels in the hearts of those around us is all up to us. Seven ways you might also notice how Michaelangelo choose you should look at:

1. Learn your craft well.
2. Practice it quietly for years, learning more.
3. Apply subtle use of flattery at al l times.
4. Be very wary. The patron you choose you die with.
5. Bring some new leap forward to your craft.
6. Be patient and understanding, feed your body and soul.
7. When you are recognized as master of your world go beyond.

You have dealt with it all so far and survived. And yet to thrive in such difficult daily ways requires all you can give. And in your quyiet moments whhile you nurture yours, relax into an appreciation of who you are and what you have yet in you that has not yet come out. Come out. Your inner Michaelangelo must be heard and seen before you die. Sparkle and light the heavens with the great good in you. Leanardo did and so did his patron and in law Michaelangelo.

And that it the least you could ask of yourself. Raise that bar, I am coming at it again! Just wait while I wipe the blood off my knees. There. Give me room, watch out world, here I come again and it will be for the good! Raise that standard!

Derek Dashwood enjoys noticing positive ways we progress, the combining of science into the humanities to measure politics, wise use and mis use of power and protective love at
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