Have You Tried These Acne Treatments For Black Skin?

Have You Tried These Acne Treatments For Black Skin?

Combating acne is something which the majority of us have to do at some time or another. In fact, around 80% of men and women aged 11 to 30 either have had or have some form of acne. With so many living with acne breakouts, it’s really no surprise that the question comes up: Is acne remedy for black skin any different from treatment for fair skin? The simple answer is not really. However, that does not imply that we can’t try out some of the best acne treatments for black skin. Many of these treatments are natural, (practically) free, and simple to do at home.

3 Acne Remedies for Black Skin…

Drinking Enough Water: Not only is this a vital acne treatment for black skin, it’s a CRUCIAL tip that everyone with acne needs to know. The main reason it’s so crucial is because adequate hydration is one of the best weapons we’ve got to eliminate acne breakouts. Keeping the skin hydrated will help to keep it elastic & flexible, not forgetting it makes it easier for the skin to expel any harmful byproducts from the pores. After all, clogged pores are a BIG cause of acne. There is also another benefit to drinking water which most people aren’t aware of; the body better absorbs nutrients when it’s well hydrated!

Don’t Eat Tomatoes, Wear Them: Not only are tomatoes awesome for preventing acne outbreaks, they’re also a MARVELOUS way to eliminate acne scars too. This is because of the acidity of the tomato along with the large amount of vitamin A it is made up of. These two “qualities” help to heal the skin and keep it flexible. You could implement this easy strategy in 2 ways: blend half a tomato into a paste or cut it into thin slices. With both options, you are going to end up putting the tomato on your entire face and then you’re going to allow it to sit for awhile. Around 20-25 minutes should be sufficient time for it to work it’s magic on your skin. Ensure that you do this on a daily basis for the best results.

Sweat More, Not Less: I know precisely what you are thinking, “sweat causes acne, it doesn’t cure it!” Well, you happen to be right & you happen to be wrong at the same time. Let me explain. When you sweat, toxins start to DEPART the body through the skin; this, as you may certainly guess, is good news. The thing of it is though, if these toxins aren’t rinsed away quickly, they REMAIN on the skin and wind up becoming caught back inside your pores. This only serves to exacerbate acne problems and makes your job more difficult. On the flipside, if you wash these contaminants away THE MOMENT they surface — by jumping in the shower after you work up a sweat — they’d be wiped out once and for all. So, in this instance, rather than sweat CONTRIBUTING TO acne, it in reality helped to get rid of it. Pretty cool, eh?

There are lots of black skin acne treatments you may use. These are just the select few which I chose to list. Why these, you ask? Because they’re user friendly, they’re non-expensive, they’re completely safe and all natural, and they honestly work. Will these methods cure your acne problems immediately? Nope — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start using them right away. Besides, I have yet to come across any acne treatment that delivers results instantly.

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