American Antiques, New York City – Historical Quirks, NYC Is World City

American Antiques, New York City – Historical Quirks, NYC Is World City

Who could have imagined what, when Dutch settlers traded those guilders for Manhattan Island, naming it after home, Nieuw Amsterdam. And so it remained for a few decades, bringing in colonists, slaves, merchants, traders,settlers who made homes and towns up the river named and chartered by Henry Hudson(just before his ill fated journey up into Canada’s artic, mutinied against and set adrift among icebergs in Hudsons Bay). Back on the Hudson River, Dutch settlers created Fort Orange at navigable head water up from Nieuw Amsterdam. Then came British control, finally America.

It was at this point several centuries later that the British taken and renamed Fort Albany became the eastern terminus for the nation making Erie Canal to bypass Niagara falls to the Great Lakes, entering Lake Erie just miles up from Niagara Falls, creating Rochester and Buffalo, and navigation all the way through to Chicago. And during the 1840’s now named New York City finally bypassed Philadelphia in population; it became the seaport to unload ocean cargo destined for inner America.

It could only happen at New York City before railroads, and even by then, New York City became by distribution center, hub, and by far the largest, and most diverse in it’s population seeming to live together in relative harmony. And this explains why there is such a concentration of ship harbor locations all around Manhattan Island, and the concentration of high towers to accomodate this nerve center of America, right down to busy Fulton’s Fish Market: life moves quickly when there are so many people in line, lunch time, create a specialty and they will come.

And I just spent an hour with a BBC reporter, a tall lovely black woman with an English accent, who took us on a tour of areas she has delighted in, during the short time since she moved from London to New York City. And while London is likely the only other competitor in the world as world city, she feels New York City is it: it’s acceptance of anything, now much more friendly and a large home after everyone was brought more together after 9/11. These are just high steel buildings, we are the people who must be here for each other.

So this is to say, how interesting from this BBC black woman with an Oxford English accent, so different from me, likely you, and how easily she and we related as we watched an artist near the Brooklyn Bridge sketching downtown Manhattan, in neighborhoods, much time on the streets, squares, places where people are, and it all seemed like a pretty nice place. That terrorist attack made it seem more like a place you would want to visit, but you could also happily live there.

We show many American antiques and artifacts, originals, that as American right values show the light again, these arise as well.

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