American Eskimo Dog Breed Tips And Info

    American Eskimo Dog Breed Tips And Info

    The American Eskimo is a member of the family of Spitz dogs. The Spitz type breeds can trace their history back to the “Peat Dogs” of the New Stone Age. All of them possess double coats that stand away from the body, prick ears and a tail that curls tightly and is usually carried over the back.

    Among the most common Spitz breeds represented today are the Keeshond, the Chow Chow, the Finnish Spitz, the Shiba Inu and the Akita and several others, besides the American Eskimo. The American Eskimo has the shape of the typical Spitz type of dog, with short erect ears, a bushy stand off coat all over the body and a brushy tail curling over the back.

    In 1985 The American Eskimo was first registered in the American Kennel club in the non sporting group. It is considered that perhaps the name came from the numbers of these small Spitz-type dogs that were bred by the American Eskimos and were used as sledding dogs. The dogs that were bred by the Eskimos however were of a larger size and stockier.

    The dogs the Eskimos used were most likely descended from the German Spitz, crossed with the Keeshond and the White Pomeranian. After the admittance into the American Kennel Club the breed officially became known as the American Eskimo, with the nickname of Eskie.

    The Eskie comes in three sizes, toy, measuring 9-12 inches, miniature, measuring over 12 and up to 15 inches and the standard, measuring over 15 and up to 19 inches. The coat is always white, biscuit, or cream, with black being the preferred color of the rims of the eyes, nose and lips.

    The coat is typically easy care, requiring only a thorough brushing once a week or so. The little dog is well built and balanced, slightly longer than it is tall, with a large ruff around the neck. This little dog loves to go walking and its beauty always attracts admirers.

    The American Eskimo is an exceptionally healthy dog, having no particular genetic diseases. There may be some tearing of the eye, which needs to be watched, but other than that there seem to be no outstanding health issues. Even with its heavy coat it is considered an “indoor” dog and except for shedding it makes a fine pet.

    The American Eskimo is most popularly used these days as a companion dog for the house, typically it is a good watchdog that will bark a warning but will not show aggression. It is alert and watchful, affectionate and friendly. It is a playful yet mellow pet, its disposition being quite friendly and its size being non threatening for children or the elderly.

    The American Eskimo is a smart dog and does well in Obedience trials and in agility. He possesses an easy attitude, generally very trainable and non aggressive to other dogs as well as people.

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