American Foxhound Top Tips And Information

American Foxhound Top Tips And Information

The American Foxhound came to America In 1650, when Robert Brooke from Britain sailed to America with his pack of hunting dogs. His pack of hunting dogs were the beginnings of several strains of American Hounds. It is said that this breed is a “cousin” to the English Foxhound, which is also a scent hound. This breed was used both individually and in packs.

Individually, it was an excellent showdog, and in packs they were used for fox hunts. The American Foxhound is known for his keen sense of smell, which makes him the ideal hunt-dog. Now this breed is used mostly as a showdog. They have a beautiful coat for showing in competition.

However, they do need brushing regularly and the best way to brush them would be with a hand glove. Their coloring is any combination of black, tan or white. The coat is short and harsh and any variation of tan, white and black. Their coats require regular brushing with a hand glove.

The American Foxhound is traditionally trenched-fed with horse meat and an oatmeal mash called a “pudding.” This is because they are pack members. Because they get very active before hunt, they are never fed the day leading up to a hunt.

Today, if you own one as a pet, it is best to feed them about one and a half can of a high-quality meaty product (which can be found at a pet store) with some sort of biscuit, or if the dog prefers, they can have five cups of a dry dog food that is complete with vitamins and minerals.

Usually the American Foxhound is about twenty-one to twenty-five inches, standing, and can weigh anywhere between sixty-five to seventy-five pounds. However, most of the breed that are used as showdogs are larger. The show strains receive a different diet and this is probably the reason for the increase in size.

Foxhounds are considered to be very smart, thus, need to be watched carefully when near fences or gates. Many times, they will learn how to open gates to escape and run free and start to wander. Because this breed has such a keen sense of smell, once they pick up a scent, this will be all they focus on.

For this reason, training them can be a challenge if they follow a scent. The scent they pick up seems to consume them, and because of this, they should never be off of a leash. They would follow any kind of smell anywhere it leads, including spots that would put them in danger. For example they would follow a trail into a dangerous intersection and because they are trained to hunt, they would be oblivious to oncoming traffic.

Owners of The American Foxhound need to be energetic and able to spend a lot of time and patience in precise training. They also need to make sure that this breed receives a lot of exercise, to release their energetic tendencies. However, even with the hunting nature and high strung energy, this breed is very affectionate and kind at home and makes a good house pet.

If the owner cannot spend time with them and they become bored, they release energy by involuntarily becoming very destructive. They have the destructive tendency to scratch doors and possibly rip objects apart. If there would be anything on counters, they have the ability to take anything off of them due to their long bodies.

If a foxhound is part of a family that has children, a close eye must be kept on them. Although they do well with smaller children, their energy level may be too much and they may inadvertently bite or claw if they sense they are scared or not in control. Otherwise, this breed is a wonderful house pet, but should not be indoors alone for long hours.

Foxhounds are naturally independent and have a tendency not to want to follow training and anything that resembles a command. Although they are independent, they enjoy strangers and are not suited to be a watchdog. They would naturally greet a stranger as part of the family in the hope of a reward, some play time or a good romp in the back yard.

The American Foxhound is an energetic breed. It needs plenty of exercise, for example, a fairly long walk followed by a game of fetch, and because of their high activity level, it would make the best house pet for a disabled or elderly owner.

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