American Standard Toilet: A Review of the American Standard Champion 4 Right Height Elongated Toilet

American Standard Toilet: A Review of the American Standard Champion 4 Right Height Elongated Toilet

I have always admired my sister’s house which had an American Standard toilet, and I thought it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to get one for my own. So I skimmed through the net and found the American Standard Champion 4 Right Height Elongated Toilet for sale in Amazon. Now I’m writing this review after some weeks of observation, and I want to share what there is to this model and what I have to say about it.

General Description

Firstly, I warn all those who are in search for a toilet that this product is labeled RIGHT HEIGHT because it is typically taller than the standard model. This is a great change for me since I was always obliged to do with the standard height ones despite my tall stature. But for those who are average in height out there, I don’t think you should get this model because it’s a bit higher for you. My sister who owns an American Standard toilet has a standard height in the house bathroom but the bedroom bathroom toilet is a right height model for her husband who is 6’3”. You get the picture of who should get this model now, right?

The right height measurement that is a trademark of American Standard toilets is 16.5” which is a comparably higher number than the standard 14-15” height of most toilets. The fixture is made of a beautiful vitreous china material that has a sleek and smooth look which matches the bathroom perfectly. There’s no doubt about the beauty of this model. The two-piece bowl and tank set is paired to perfectly match the other’s make for optimal use.

Product Features

American Standard has engineered their toilets to be very functional and long-lasting. One of the features I like about their toilets is the EverClean surface which inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria on the toilet. This is an interesting feature, but I believe it has some effects because I have not been cleaning the toilet too often but the shade is still perfectly white and smooth. I think it really has some kind of effect on the surface.

There’s also the Champion 4 Flushing System performance platform which makes flushing a lot easier and more optimized. This feature also promises no clogs, which although it is too early to say, I have not yet experienced. The 4″ non-adjustable, piston action Accelerator flush valve also makes the flushing more convenient because the lever is very easy to press, and it’s not as easy to break. I have experienced some flush levers that when you flush too hardly with completely snap, but this has retained its intactness despite my heavy hand. The flush lever is also chrome-plated so you won’t see any signs of corrosion or wear on that. It will remain shiny and metallic, and the entire look of your toilet will stay as beautiful as if it were new. The Speed Connect tank and bowl coupling system makes sure that the two pieces of the fixture are safely attached to each other, virtually eliminating all the possibilities of rocking, dismemberment, and breaking.

Other Features

The toilet is a very nice and clean color of white, but there are also other colors to choose from like linen for a shade of off-white to beige, bone for a more fleshy and creamy hue, and black for a striking and extraordinary fixture. The white one is what I got because it matches my bathroom perfectly. It’s very smooth and clean in appearance and it makes my bathroom much more beautiful.

The flush of this fixture is ultimately designed for low consumption so you can save water but still make sure that everything is flushed down properly. The 2.375” fully-glazed trapway is definitely big enough to allow the biggest load to be smoothly flushed away and through it. Together in the package come two color-matched bolt caps for the best aesthetic value. However, you have to take note that the toilet seat and cover are not included with this model. Only the toilet itself and the flush tank are in the product package.


For those out there who are looking for American Standard toilets but are not ready for the right height, be careful of getting models like the American Standard Champion 4 Right Height Elongated Toilet because it might not be able to provide optimal comfort for average heighted individuals. Nonetheless, I am very happy with this new toilet and I’m definitely satisfied with its height and features. Not only is it very aesthetically nice, it’s also durable so I won’t have to change my fixtures for quite a long time. If you’re also in search of a good toilet and you’re tall and lean like me, this is the model I would certainly recommend and I know no one will be disappointed with it.

There are additional evaluations and details pertaining to American Standard toilets at my website, I’m going to furthermore let you in on a little secret: Exactly where to get them cheaper than anyplace else on the internet ;) Thanks for viewing, and good luck!