American Standard Tubs: A Review of the American Standard Cambridge 5-foot Bath Tub

American Standard Tubs: A Review of the American Standard Cambridge 5-foot Bath Tub

I have been making use of products with known brands for my whole household. I uphold my principle of utilizing high quality tools and equipment in my residence simply because I want everything to be long-lasting and lovely too. As I was searching for American Standard tubs online (which we all know is really a wonderful brand of fixtures), I came across the American Standard Cambridge 5-foot Bath Tub and at that moment, I knew I had found what I was seeking. So I wrote this review for all the individuals out there who had been just like me – in search for a magnificent bath tub.

General Description

The bathtub is beautifully sculpted to match the bathroom perfectly. The installed size of the tub is 60” x 32” x 17.75” and also the maximum volume of water that it can carry is 50 gallons or 190 liters. The material of the tub is made of Americast, a trademark of the American Standard firm, which bonds a high quality enamel surface with a high high quality metal and a molded reinforcement material backing, and is really a lighter, a lot more durable alternative to cast iron. This ensures that your tub is made of 100% safe, durable, and long-lasting material that’s designed to resist any forms of abuse and maintain its great condition even after many years.

The porcelain finished body of the tub is made glossy, smooth, and designed to accommodate the human body for optimal bathing and comfortable positioning in the tub. It is also slip resistant so you won’t need to worry about walking on the tub whilst wet. The porcelain finish is acid-resistant which makes it extremely secure to use even with harsh materials and you’ll be able to be sure that the tub remains in excellent condition even with long-term constant weathering, abuse, and contact.

With American Standard tubs, you’re really certain of the top quality and durability of your household fixtures. I don’t hesitate investing in such top quality goods simply because inside the long-run, I truly get to save far more money from buying 1 expensive but durable tub as compared to the a lot of renovations and changes that I need to make when a lesser high quality tub gets wrecked in my bathroom.

Product Features

The tub has an integrated non-slip surface which is designed to maintain you secure inside the tub. You won’t worry about slipping, which is an problem which I am greatly concerned about because I have three kids at house and I don’t want any of them having accidents because of a dysfunctional and incorrectly created bath tub. The seat which is installed at the head end of the tub is ADA compliant, guaranteeing safety of use and optimal functionality. Who wouldn’t desire to bathe in such an elegantly designed and excellently engineered bathtub?

Other Features

The tub comes in five diverse colors: white for a perfectly clean finish, linen for a light shade of beige, bone for a fleshy hue, arctic for a crisp and sharp whiteness, and black for a majestic and striking shade. I got the white 1 simply because it is really clean and it matches my bathroom perfectly. It is also simple to clean, and although some spots and stains may possibly show, they’re extremely simple to clean up since of the smooth finish of the tub.


If you are undergoing a renovation or building a new home, I need to suggest that you only use American Standard tubs for your residence. You won’t regret it since they’re absolutely amazing. The American Standard Cambridge 5-foot Bath Tub is really a perfect example of American Standard quality and it’s actually a wonderful model that you won’t ever regret having.

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