American Walnut Flooring – The Ideal Floor Option for Your Room

American Walnut Flooring – The Ideal Floor Option for Your Room

Walnut flooring is quite common in United States. This delectable mosaic of dark purple streaks and chocolaty swirls is found in tantalizing and marble-like patterns across most living space of the country. American Walnut is known by various names including Virginia Walnut, Canaletto, black walnut, and black hickory nut. This is a domestic hardwood growing throughout the eastern part of United States. American Walnut thrives under direct sunlight and grows especially near streams, as it can dig the roots deep into the rich and moist soil.

It is the only naturally dark hardwood growing in North America. American Walnut flooring is known for its sophistication and thus, it is one of the most sought after floor options for many. This rich purplish-brown hardwood is particularly valued for its wavy grain pattern.

American Walnut flooring also offers various flooring options. Apart from the aforementioned patterns, there is the combination of wavy and straight grain patterns that is quite popular. In fact, all these Walnut flooring options offer an air of dignity with a touch of delightful frivolity. Better yet, this domestic hardwood provides a luminous shine when you polish them, making your room a luxurious retreat to eyes.

American Walnut flooring is known to be sturdy and reliable surface and is an ideal flooring option. It is both strong and shock resistant, thanks to the exceptional dimensional stability of Walnut flooring. In fact, Walnut flooring offers both strength and workability, allowing you to be creative with your flooring. And being strong, Walnut flooring can easily handle daily stresses of life. This domestic hardwood has a moderate density, making manipulation and installation of American Walnut flooring easy and effortless. Moreover, stains and preservatives can easily permeate this coffee-toned wood flooring. In fact, it does not require any stain because of its exquisite natural beauty. American Walnut flooring releases a sweet aroma while you work on it. Despite its soft qualities, this Walnut flooring is resistant to scratching and decay.

American Walnut flooring stands apart from the other popular flooring options available in the market including bamboo flooring. Though this type of flooring also offers strength, bamboo is often prematurely harvested. As a result, bamboo flooring may lose its supposed benefit of durability and strength. Bamboo flooring also contains formaldehyde, which poses serious health concerns. Another popular option is engineered flooring. However, they have certain negative aspects that American Walnut Flooring steers clear of. You can hardly refinish an engineered floor as it comes with a thin veneer. This also reduces the life span of the flooring, resulting in increased flooring cost in long-term.

Many wrongly believe that carpet can be an alternative of American Walnut flooring, as the installation cost of the later is a little pricey. The benefits of carpet are that it traps heat or cold and insulate your room from sound, resulting in a reduced power bill. However, it is difficult to keep them clean from dust, bugs, dirt and germs. They also become stained easily and carpets lock smell in. Cleaning them will incur a lot of expense in future. Also, you will have to replace carpets after some time. American Walnut Flooring, on the other hand is free from such drawbacks. Therefore, it is recommended to consider all the factors while selecting your flooring option, rather than just looking at the initial installation cost.

Thus, American Walnut flooring is an ideal blend of structural reliability and visual satisfaction, making it a highly desired flooring option across the country.

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