The arrest of Zee Editors – A clarion call

The arrest of Zee Editors – A clarion call

The arrest of Zee Editors – A clarion call

Law is taking its own course – There was a criminal extortion and intimidation case registered against Zee News Limited (Zee Business & Zee News Channel) for which there would be the legal process taking its logical steps. Being a part of the media space (in fact its black sheep) does not and cannot provide a cover – Law of the land is same for everybody and the editors of Zee Channels enjoy no extra privileges. The shield of the omnibus term ‘media’ should not be made available to those who have in fact been responsible for bringing this reverent term to discredit.

Zee News’s comment that the arrest of its editors is a Black Day for the media is unfortunate. The arrest of the two journalists being termed Black Day is rather demeaning the credibility of media. Instead, Black day was the day when these editors tried to extort 100 crore rupees from Jindal group under the garb of media.

Recently, when two employees of India TV were arrested by the police on charges of extortion, India TV management expelled them from the channel. But why did Zee News not take steps against its two editors even after they were arrested by the police. This clearly shows that there was a nexus between these two editors and Zee News’s management.

When someone is arrested for murder, his weapon is seized. So when CFSL has confirmed that our CD produced as evidence of Zee News’s extortion attempt is genuine, then why shouldn’t the license of the channel be dismissed?

The two editors of Zee News have repeatedly said in the sting CD that they are doing it for their company. So, has the crime branch of Delhi Police sent notices to the owners of Zee News – Subhash Chandra and Puneet Goenka?

Zee News has said that the arrest of its two editors is not the right thing in spite of the fact that there is strong evidence and CFSL report against them. So, is it that these two editors of Zee group are above the law of the country?

Earlier, Zee News questioned the genuinity of Jindal group’s sting against its editors. And now that CFSL’s report has confirmed that the CD produced by Jindal group is genuine, Zee News is saying why were its editors arrested on the basis of CFSL report. By doing this Zee News is questioning the investigating agencies of our country.

Have the owners of Zee News got notices from Delhi police? If yes, then why are they trying to duck investigations? – This raises a lot of doubts!

Media is the fourth pillar of democracy. But today this incident has put a question mark on the media. So, is it not the responsibility of the media to portray the truth and play a role in the investigations against such people who are defaming media and bringing it a bad name.

Broadcast licenses are given to news channels to air the truth and inform and not to blackmail people and extort money. That is why along with the editors of Zee News, the nexus of its management in the extortion case should also be investigated and action should be taken against them.

Earlier Zee News had been heaping fictitious, false and baseless charges against Jindal Group and now after the arrest of its two editors, it has started painting Delhi Police and investigating agencies as suspects. The channel has decided to become both jury and judge in a case against itself and its important functionaries. This is a classic case of culprits daring the cops.

An editor like Sudhir Chaudhary who had abused media in cases like Uma Khurana and was instrumental in putting Live India Channel into the dock that led to a ban against it now took to arm-twisting, extortion and money-making in absolute disregard to the high position of The Editor of ‘Zee News’.

The arrest of the two editors proves that the news that Zee News was showing against Jindal Group had no truth in it and was simply meant to wrest Rs 100 crores by holding the group to ransom through its motivated news programmes that were meant to malign and sully the name and image of the group.

Media is said to be mirror of the society whose sole aim is to bring out and show truth and nothing without truth. Yet the owners and proprietors of the Zee News have opted to target Government and investigating agencies instead of cooperating with the law enforcement agencies. This clearly proves that the entire management of Zee News is hand in glove in this sordid episode of money-making through extortion and threat where an otherwise prime channel was turned into a virtual weapon.

Zee News has been crying hoarse in the name of coal scam even as this entire matter is before the Hon’able Supreme Court. This is how Zee News has put a question mark on the law of the land. Isn’t this a serious matter?

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