What are the Benefits of Drinking Assam Black Tea?

What are the Benefits of Drinking Assam Black Tea?

One of the biggest tea producers in the world, the state of Assam in India produces tea blends that come with strong smell and a malty flavor. Assam tea is an amazing beverage that can give the day an energetic and refreshing start. Black Assam tea is extremely popular among people who love to buy Indian Assam tea. Although the black variety is popular in the wholesale market, the state also produces green and white blends in moderate quantities. Find out about some of the prime benefits of consuming this beverage.

Helps lose excess weight
The consumption of this beverage can promote the loss of unwanted pounds from the body. The Assam beverage is a favorite drink of many fitness enthusiasts, models and athletes who like to keep in shape. With a cup of Assam tea brew every morning, one can reduce excess body fat and stay active through the entire day. The intake of this tea boosts the metabolic rate, which helps the body to burn the excess fat deposits.

Stroke avoidance
As per research, having 3 or more cups of this tea every day can help significantly lower the risks of stroke. This is an extremely common advantage experienced by people consuming Assam green as well as black tea varieties.

Better cardiac health
Other that reducing the risks of strokes, the tea can also help drinkers to avoid heart attacks. Studies have shown that the beverage lowers the risks of arterial stiffness, high blood pressure and varied cardiovascular problems.

Boosting mental health
It is well known that Assam tea can act like a stimulant but also work as a perfect natural sedative. Black Indian Assam CTC tea works as a perfect alternative for coffee, and can work as a wonderful way to boost vitality. Black tea also comprises of the wonderful amino acid known as Theanine that can calm the mind and boost the mood. The consumption of this Tea can allow one to stay focused and relaxed in the job.

Combating flu symptoms
Those who suffer from fever and flu symptoms can get fast relief from cold and coughs. This tea blend is packed with powerful antioxidants that can combat terrible bouts of influenza. Having the Assam brew with a few spoons of honey can make the beverage tasty as well as highly beneficial for health.

Boosting energy levels
The tea is a rich source of caffeine, anti-oxidants and vitamin B1. Naturally, having even 1 cup of this beverage can boost energy levels and improve overall health.

Combating bacterial damage
Having the tea also boosts the power of the body to manufacture anti-bacterial proteins and prevent problems of bad breath.

Improved circulation
Having this tea every day can also help improve the overall circulation of blood. Even having the beverage in the form of Indian Masala Chai with additional ingredients can reduce risks of diseases that can impair brain functioning, fight cavities, strengthen teeth and also lower the dangers of cell damage that can result in removing the risks of cancers.

The author likes to use her spare hours to write about a wide variety of foods and beverages, for the benefit and knowledge of readers. Here she wants to share about the benefits of Drinking Assam Black Tea.