Black Americans Were Never Given A Chance

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  • The race baiters that sell blacks out. Congress made an apology for slavery in 2009 and that could have started a mark towards ending racial discrimination. But the race baiting DEM Party does not tell these people the truth. They swept that apology for slavery under the rug! Not taught in schools, no Memorial Service for slaves, no speech from Obama. Sharpton never brings that up. They don’t want the patient to ever get well. The Enemy is also WITHIN. Benedict Arnolds, Judas. Reparations for slavery is Justice OWED to uplift black schools, HBCUs, and black businesses.

  • You, we were never childnap and brought to European America to be given a chance. You were brought to be subgigated,controlled. This agenda has no changed, cannot be changed. The idea of America if foundational on this. Can a Leapord change its spot? So now you continue to be sorroful, crying, protesting, uproaring for your share of the American dream. Wake the [email protected] up. Your portion was never the dream. Your portion is the nightmare. Stop winning, proclaiming yourselves Americans and get the [email protected] out of this prison grave. What are you afraid of. Worse hardship and corruption back in the land of the birth of your forefathers/mothers. Is it better to starve, locked up, harrassed, shot, killed, be disrespected, labour, in the land/idea of your captivity. or in the continent of Africa. THE EUROPEAN OF AMERICA DO WHAT THEY DO BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT EXAMPLED IN YOUR OWN CREATION THE CORRECTNESS OF WHAT IS TO BE DONE FOR THE JOY OF THE HMAN FAMILY. SO IT,S TIME WE SHUT UP AND LEAVE THIS FILLED TOILET……WAKE UP LOVE YOURSELF. GETTTTTT OUT!

  • Truth is that a Harvard graduate Navy rocket scientist is nothing but an “uneducated nigger ghetto whore” if you ask the Los Angeles City Prosecutor’s Office. Isn’t that right Mike Feuer. I lost my six-figure job as the nations CHIEF ROCKET SCIENTIST when the City of Los Angeles decided to hide all my credentials and fraudulently prosecute me.

    My Air Force veteran Eagle Scout (B.S. Mathematics/ M.S. Architecture)husband was also convicted as a “lazy, shiftless, nothing”. His crime? Designing and building us a 4,206 square foot million dollar home for less than $35/ square foot and then refusing to WORK FOR FREE. Like a good nigga should.

    The Case is OCA01173, People of the State of California versus David and Karen Rozier. For those of you who love irony, when California became a state, it adopted the state of Maryland’s constitution because it gave them the flexibility to either accept or reject slavery. David and I are from the state of Maryland. Slavery was illegal in California until a white man from the South — ROZIER — came to California and discovered that a Black man — HILL — owned a large mine and wealth. In a landmark case and with no witnesses, ROZIER claimed that HILL was his runaway slave and was awarded all of the Black man’s hard work.

    Here the City of Los Angeles is trying to steal all the work and wealth of two Black people — both first generation African Americans who overcame incridble odds — to benefit a wealthy white property owner.

    Nothing has changed in America. When this is behind us, we are taking all of our talents as far away from this country as possible.

    Karen M. Rozier, Harvard Kennedy School of Government Kennedy Fellow.

  • shame on them, one day will come for our time to ……

  • shame on them, one day will come for our time to ……

  • Because they know, that we are better, stronger, smarter, and honestly….more peaceful. We don’t destroy the planet, purge her resources. The white man is the most destructive animal on the planet.

  • I’m tired of looking at photos of us being brutalize, when will we c retailation?

  • them devils was salty our people was doing better than them!

  • Truth is black americans have never ever been given a all equal shot of the american life on a social, education and economic level NEVER when we build we had to it from within our own communities and that was destroyed by HATE from racist and the bigoted people