Black Americans Not Satisfied With Obama’s Response To Ferguson

  • Sékou Sabra

    Your little quote, doesn’t make me feel anything. Nothing at all. I can give a shit about how half-bred, country curs, go about their business of killing each other. I give a shit that my people stop killing each other. Make sense? Good!

  • Karen M. Rozier

    99% of all white murder in the rural south and Appalachia America is white-on-white. Does that make you feel better?

  • Karen M. Rozier

    He did not come from a gay or homosexual mother, so your comment does not flow. It merely shows hate.

  • Karen M. Rozier

    Truth is that he grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii and does not share the same black American experience as the typical inner-city black that the media portrays.

  • Sidibé Ibrahima

    African proverb states: In order to be African, you must come from an African Mother.Obama will even do all he can to defend the Gay and homosexual community, but he cant defend the black community

  • Cornell Mctier

    Maybe we should run an impeachment campaign….

  • Ron Geesta

    All im saying is This was only 30 years ago. We haven’t made it know where.. There foot is on our neck like it always has been.. I just pray that somewhere in the future , hatred , for us diminishes. 500 years of this doesn’t just go way, cuz they continue to remind us. So Obama is just a nigger that they darly let in.. Thats y I never speak down on a black man ever, because its was never intended for u to even know how to read. So that goes back to the fact they have us bickering and forgetting the REAL Issue. And thats the fact that all africans and african decent are an endangered race..

  • Fabrice Bisengimana

    the truth is that you black Americans must understand how politics works.It’s about lobbying creating an economical and social power which can influence politicians.You control politicians through money.gays,asians,hispanics have understood that except you.You’re the only category of people in America who enrich others but yourselves

  • Sékou Sabra

    How about, black Americans not being satisfied with his response to the national crisis of black on black crime? Mike Brown is just one micro, of the nation’s macro. Police murder of black males, pales in comparison to the murder of black males perpetuated by other black males.

  • Maurice D. Lewis

    You can make excuses for him but it’s true that he’s just a figurehead or better yet a placeholder for those who’ve always been in power and will keep their power. He don’t care about us get that right.

  • Maurice Person

    #FirstBlack P…. Puppet

  • Carlos Ingram

    Really? ??

  • Ron Geesta

    let us understand. please ..that he is half black / white and that he can not speak to much for us or else will suffer behide it..he can not catter then the next , because they will start to think he is for us and not them..its the same thing they did to us in the past.. they would turn us against on another use us as puppets to do there dirty work..

  • Trevon Wrider

    He’s done nothing for Blacks anyway

  • Indjassa Hibalayam Germain

    That’s the son of white mom!!!!

  • Diana Isatou Sisay

    Be careful all… This could all be done for other motives… Remember puppets hang on invisible strings…

  • Bubba Fall

    He was elected to represents the United States as a whole.

  • Benjamin Obeahon Ikpekhia

    He does not represent black Americans ,but the establishment

  • Rickey Holliday

    Go stand up to 5-0

  • Aundre Black

    He’s a coon on a leash. I really don’t care if you like my statement about this sooner.