Black Area Rugs Are Fantastic

Black Area Rugs Are Fantastic

It is not just matching colors and well distributed furniture that a room needs to be impressive and sophisticated. Emphasis and accent should be found in various parts of the dcor. Otherwise, even if the colors of a room are appealing and pretty, they may not be all that pleasant to look at or to live with unless they have some accent. That is the reason why we use dark shadow backgrounds for colored font. Emphasis keeps the colors in place besides enhancing their appeal. This is precisely what black area rugs are good for.

A wide selection of sizes and designs can be seen in the black area rugs of Momeni Rugs. Each of them can be used as accent pieces for a particular type of room. Sometimes, the black color is found in tiny dots that are distributed throughout the design with the effect of darkening the basic color of the rug. Black can be found in the background or in the principal motif of the rug, combined with other colors.

Momeni black area rugs are notable for their skillful use of basic shapes and geometric figures in their patterns. Sometimes, in their in the more hip-style rugs, shapes will resemble random brushstrokes. The lines are irregular in size, texture and placement. Black area rugs with these designs are perfect for use in a modern studio or living room. The more balanced geometric patterns can be used with any type of room dcor, be it classic, romantic or modern.

It is not just for accent that these rugs are used. Blue area rugs are perfect for establishing certain moods. And then you have brown, rugs, ivory rugs, gold, purple and orange rugs. It should be noted that a rug can have many color names. It can be called both a red area rug or a black area rug if contains visible elements in red and black.

Momeni black area rugs are durable because they are hand-tufted and glue is used to keep the yarns in place. They can endure a lot of wear for a longer time. They also come in different kinds of materials and consequently in a wide range of prices. The client can choose from woolen, cotton, nylon and acrylic rugs.

Because black area rugs are available in both low and high prices, Momeni Rugs will always have something to offer the client that is within the capability of his budget. More than that, Momeni makes sure that they always sell their rugs at the lowest price possible. Along this line of thinking, they encourage clients to look for other sources which are selling rugs identical to theirs. If the client succeeds in finding such sources, Momeni is willing to match the lowest price offered by the competition plus a discount of 10 %.

So the next time you buy black area rugs., visit Momeni Rugs’ website first. Select some items that will fit your purposes and the dcor of your room. Then browse the web for identical items being sold elsewhere. If you succeed in finding one you are quite sure that you will get to buy the rug at the lowest price possible. Either Momeni’s price is lower or they will give the rug to you at the discounted scheme described above.

Gregg is a collector of fine art and enjoys writing about his passion, Rugs! A Rug can change a room and make such a difference in the look and feel of your home. If you think Momeni is right for you, check out a large selection of stylish black area rugs at The Rug Woman , and take advantage of a 110% price match guarantee.