Black Decor For The Bedroom

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by phusho

Black Decor For The Bedroom

Bedrooms can be decorated in different ways with different color combinations. Using the black and white combination has always been considered chic and this combination has never gone out of fashion. People in millions across the globe have loved this combination since decades. If you want to minimize the use of colors and use just these two in a combination then it is not going to be a difficult task at all for the modern black bedroom design.

Create the right ambience:

For the right ambience in the bedroom use a white mattress on a black bed covered with crispy white linen. The right amount of natural light can be provided in the bedroom with the same color theme of black and white from behind the bed. Light can also filter in from the sides of the bed. Lamps placed on either side of the bed can be used during the evening time as the shadows lengthen.

Buy lamps with unusual designs which have strobes of light beneath them. In a corner of the bedroom you can also place armchair on which you can comfortable sit and read and even paint your nails. Black suede used on the armchair can look quite inviting and to break the monotony of black and white you can use cushions of another interesting color.

Artistic accessories look great:

A lot or artistic accessories add a great look to the black and white bedroom. Designs with black and white color on the Venetian blinds can look quite artistic, with an elegant black vase placed in the corner of the bedroom. A modern black bedroom design has been a plus point in most bedrooms allowing the room to look far bigger and roomier than what they actually are. If you feel that too much of black and white color has been used in the bedroom you can then have the entire flooring in another color to break the monotony.

Walls can have a tinge of cream and white allowing the walls not to be stark white. By using this combination on the walls of your bedroom you can have add some interesting accessories in the bedroom using different combinations of white. White gels very easily with a lot of colors and one can easily use different shades of white. The closet in the bedroom can have white sliding doors to compliment the rest of the colors used in the black and white colored bedroom.

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