Black Diamond Ring – A Unique Spin On A Woman’s Favorite Jewelry Piece

Black Diamond Ring – A Unique Spin On A Woman’s Favorite Jewelry Piece

Diamonds are forever and a black diamond ring is the new forever gift. Recent wearing of the black gems by celebrities has brought them into the public view and made them an increasingly desirable item.

There are actually two kinds of black diamonds. The natural type is one that contains graphite, giving it its black color. Naturally occurring, these are extremely rare and also more fragile than your traditional white diamonds. The coloring is present because of impurities that also cause them to be delicate to handle. Some jewelers will not work with them due to their fragile nature. Enhanced black varieties have been irradiated to give them their color. They are real with color enhancement.

Diamonds, which have been mined for centuries, are very valuable, and their colored counterparts are even more valuable because of their rarity. It is advisable to buy a black solitaire style natural black diamond ring if you want to get a natural black kind of diamond. It will last longer than other forms of the diamond. If you get one of these on a ring with a matching band, it makes a wonderful gift for Christmas, birthdays, or anniversaries. In fact, some people think that investing in a precious stone means you think the relationship is of equal preciousness.

Colors do vary between natural and enhanced varieties. Not all irradiated stones are the same and not all natural stones are the same. If you are choosing your stones examine them in various light settings to ensure that they are a pleasing combination before having them placed in a setting. You can easily accent your black diamond ring with some clear diamonds. If you are into traditionally beautiful rings, try a yellow gold setting for your new black colored diamond ring. If you don’t mind going out of the ordinary a little, then go ahead and put it on a titanium or white gold setting.

Even though diamonds are generally very strong stones you should still treat them gently. If you store your diamonds with other jewels or even just on their own, you might want to invest in a sot cloth as they easily scratch other gems they come in contact with. Consider investing in a jewelry roll or a separate ring box for your black diamond ring. Cleaning should be done with care. If necessary, have the cleaning done by a professional, because if you accidentally use sonic cleaner, your black stone will turn into nothing but chips and pieces.

These diamonds can easily become family heirlooms to be passed on to future generations of your family. This is the kind of gift that will make an impact on someone. Black diamond rings are a lovely fashion statement and truly unique as just gem in and of itself; they are definitely the perfect gift for the one you love.

One of the most unique pieces of jewelry you can get is the black diamond necklace . No one is able to say no to the stunning allure of any sort of black diamond.