Black Ops Airsoft Guns: Full Metal Cobra Assault Rifle Review

Black Ops Airsoft Guns: Full Metal Cobra Assault Rifle Review

When you are preparing for close quarters combat, you want an airsoft gun that is designed for the purpose. Of all of the Black Ops Airsoft Guns, the Full Metal Cobra Assault Rifle is the optimal rifle for short-range accuracy and maneuverability. Here are a few of the advantages you can expect when you use the Full Metal Cobra in combat situations:

1. Comfort
Ergonomic comfort is not the most important design factor of an assault rifle. But you do have to consider your own bodily comfort when you are considering purchasing one of the Black Ops Airsoft Guns. The grip is designed to mimic that of a pistol. Similarly, the butt stock has been removed to allow for ease of maneuverability. The electric blowback is designed to imitate authentic recoil, making firing more like an armed assault rifle for combat specialists who are familiar with such a gun.

2. Power
The Full Metal Cobra from Black Ops Airsoft Guns is designed to be the perfect assault rifle for interior combat. The barrel of the Cobra is shorter than that of the M4 at just over nine inches. It has both semiautomatic and automatic modes and can achieve about 350-420 feet per second. The gun is designed to be a smaller version of the M4, keeping the metal frame while increasing maneuverability and ease of handling. There is also an adjustable hop-up to increase distance and accuracy.

3. Accuracy
The Full Metal Cobra does not come packaged with any scope, but it comes with flip-up adjustable sights on both the front and rear of the barrel, and both can be flipped up separately depending on context. This makes it easy for you to aim the gun in close quarters without having to adjust your eyes to compensate for a scope. It also does not need to be aimed carefully depending on distance to target. It is designed for close accuracy and steady aiming.

When you need an airsoft gun that will be suitable for short-range, close quarters combat, the Full Metal Cobra will be the gun for you. It has the power and sensitivity, as well as the accuracy you need. When you want to buy one for yourself, you can do so at Gifts for Men Outlet. It comes with its own hard case, extra clip, and an optional battery and charger.
Need an airsoft gun for close quarters, short-range combat? You should look at the Full Metal Cobra Assault Rifle from Black Ops Airsoft Guns today!

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